Euro Handball Poland 2014


Get to know the thousand-year history of the beautiful port on the Baltic. Look Neptune, the god of the sea, in the eye and wave at the lady in the window. Take a walk down the Long Market and call at Artus Court. You can walk in the footsteps of the main character of Gunter Grass “The Tin Drum” or look at the stars of Hevelius. Get a taste of authentic revolution by learning about the origins of the birth of Solidarność. 
In its “golden age” the city enjoyed the specific status of a municipal republic. It was also a melting pot of cultures and ethnical groups. The air of tolerance and the wealth built on trade made culture, science, and art. flourish. Today, works by outstanding Gdańsk masters can be admired in museums, churches, and galleries. These collections, as well as the historic sites of enchanting beauty witness a thousand years of the city’s continued existence. The break-through events of the most recent turbulent period are documented in the multi-medial exhibition: “Roads to Freedom” arranged in the shelter near to the National Commission of Solidarność. The exposition recalls the local struggle for freedom and justice, and the birth of the first Independent Trade Union, “Solidarity”. These developments ,triggered the avalanche that toppled communism in Europe.
Most Culturaly
The thousand-year history was not only a time of merchants but also artists who still abound in our city. We have huge theatrical traditions and modern cinema halls. You will come across connoisseurs of the opera and philharmonic here but will also be entranced with the liveliness of culture during city festivities. And at night you can spend a romantic time in the light of flaring fireworks.Gdańsk Musical Summer (July-August) A cycle of classical music concerts given by world celebrities in the breathtaking scenery of the amphitheatre on the Motława River. 

International Festival of Organ Music at the Oliwa Cathedral (July-August) Old and premiere hits of organ music played by world-famous virtuosos.

International Festival of Organ, Choir, and Chamber Music (July-August) Friday concerts by organ players, choirs, and soloists, chamber ensembles and symphonic orchestras in the magnificent St Mary’s Basilica.

FETA International Festival of Open Air and Street Theatre (mid-July) Miniature and large-scale theatrical performance in the authentic scenery of the historic Gdańsk lanes

‘Baltic Sail’ International Sailing Rally (late July) A colourful festivity of the sails in the historic heart of Gdańsk: regattas, tall ship parades, and a shanty festival.

Gdańsk Carillon Festival (first decade of August) An overview of the rich music literature written for the carillon, from Baroque to the contemporary times.

Shakespearean Festival (first decade of August) An international review of most interesting productions of the unmatched plays by the Master of Stratford.

St Dominic’s Fair (the first three weeks of August) A dashing popular ‘fiesta a-la Gdańsk’ originating from the 13th century with a rich programme of cultural events.