Euro Handball Poland 2014

GROUP M2: Unbeaten Hungary

There was no surprise in the last game in Gdynia Arena today. Hungary won against Poland 26:33. That was another great victory of them as they haven’t lost any game so far.


First goal in that game scored Maciej Majdziński but quickly replied Matyas Gyori. Polish team started pretty well as soon they lead 2:1. Thanks to good defense mistake made Hungary and soon hosts had chance to 3:1, what actually used after throw of Bartosz Kowalczyk. What was optimistic for them suspension got Matyas Gyori and for two minutes they were playing in advantage. After penalty scored by Borys Brukwicki they enlarged amount of goals to four but soon Hungary draw with throw by Martin Varju. However that Polish team was the one who was leading for most time in that game.

First lead Hungary took in 20th minute when scored Matyas Gyori for result 9:10. Seconds later another hit added Adam Juhasz enlarging difference to two goals. Not really helpful in polish team during last minutes was Daniel Szot but Poland could enjoy some mistakes of their opponents – firstly Gyori missed the goal and then on line step Daniel Fuzi. Despite that hosts couldn’t use that situations and came back to lead. What didn’t use Poland managed to do Hungary who after goal of Daniel Fuzi was leading 10:13.

In second half Hungary finally started to play their handball and found their rhythm. In 34th minute they enlarged goals difference to five points. The main problem for polish team was too many suspensions. Hungary started to control the game as in 40th minute lead 16:22. Hosts couldn’t find good conception to took advantage again. It seemed like Hungary put themselves together and despite certain promotion was still fighting for high victory.

As it was expected Hungary was only enlarging distance. Polish team was hopeless and couldn’t find the way to break good goalkeeper of opponents. After three goals in row scored by Richard Nemes players of Janos Gyurka were leading by nine points with result 28:19. Till the end of the game nothing really changed and Hungary without surprise won 26:33. So far they are unbeaten and they surly are matching to semi-final.



Rafał Kuptel, Poland, coach: I want to congratulate victory to Hungary. They are better team and I think they are the best team which played here in Gdynia. I wish them good luck and I hope they will go to final and win gold medal. It is always nice to meet future Champion. If we had played the same as today yesterday with France, mostly with our mentality, then maybe that game would have looked much different. I know that we lost but all in all I am happy about that match. I saw some fight, good defense and fine attack.

Arkadiusz Mortyo, Poland, player: We lost but I think that was one of our best games. Yesterday we have talked a lot about our mistakes. We said to each other what we don’t like and what we do wrong. We fixed what was not fine, we put some new things in our offence and I think that was good game for us.

Janos Gyurka, Hungary, coach: For us this match was not that important about result but of course it has sporty value. Our team had some difficulties to play until 40. minute. We made many technical mistakes which is unusual thing for us on that tournament. Then everything started to work and we played on our normal level. As I said that match was not so important for us, the aim was to play the best game that we could. We wanted to give chance to players who hadn’t chances before. That was mostly for our atmosphere around team which is wonderful and players could have some self confidence. We really enjoyed the game.

Adam Juhasz, Hungary, player: We were preparing to that game like to any other before. We came to that match with all respect to Poland. We wanted to show some good handball but we started a little bit nervous. Then our defense started to work and we could win.


POLAND– HUNGARY 26:33 (10:13)

Poland: Szot, Skrzyniarz – Wypych, Kowalczyk 1, Pietruszko, Mrozowicz 2, Janikowski, Kawka 1, Rolka 1, Majdziński 4, Cichocki 1, Brukwicki 4, Skibiński, Moryto 7, Bekisz 1, Mastalerz 4.
MVP: Arkadiusz Mortyo.
7 metres: 6/7.
8x2min. (Pietruszko, Bekisz – 2×2 min.; Mrozowicz, Janikowski, Kawka, Rolka).

Hungary: Pasztor, Rozsavolgyi – Bartok 4, Deak 1, Fekete 1, Fuzi 6, Gabor, Gyori 4, Juhasz 7, Ligetvari, Mikita 1, Nemes 4, Schmid, Szilagyi 2, Urban 1, Varju 1.
MVP: Adam Juhasz.
7 meters: 2/2.
Suspensions: 6×2 min. (Varju – 2×2 min.; Daek, Szilagyi, Gabor, Gyori).

Referees: Simone Zendali and Stefano Riello (Italy).
Supervisor: Valerijs Jaskins (Latvia).
Observer: Pablo Permuy (Spain).

1 Węgry Hungary 3 3 0 0 97:72 +25 6
2 Francja France 3 1 1 1 90:82 +8 3
3 Niemcy Germany 3 1 1 1 81:82 -1 3
4 Polska Poland 3 0 0 3 66:98 -32 0