Euro Handball Poland 2014

GROUP M2: Thrilling hit, France in semi-final!

After very emotional last minutes game against Germany and France ended with draw, which gives France promotion to semi final. The most important goal scored Yanis Lenne on seconds to the end.


Everybody in Gdynia Arena were expecting a great game as both teams were fighting for promotion to semi-finals. Quickly first goal scored France, which after throw of Dylan Garain was leading 1:0. Germans quickly wanted to draw but they face tough defense of Les Bleus. They managed to score in third minute as great goal from 9 meters scored Lukas Mertens and few minutes later after mistake of France they were leading 2:1. Germans were not infallibly and they lost ball two times what let France to lead again (2:3, 7. minute). Soon after good action finished with goal of Aymeric Minne their advantage amounted two points.

Draw came back to result in 13th minute when nice goal scored Dominik Claus. While later one of French players made individual mistake and that was a great opportunity to Germany to lead again, what used Mortiz Schade. French teams was trying his forces in attack but on their way was fantastic at this tournament Paul Porath, who enable his friends to provide counterattack which finished Claus (8:6). The game was very close and tough as both teams were giving the lead away. As most of us expected both France and Germany were presenting aggressive defense but not really good day had they goalkeepers. With seven minutes to the end of first half great intervention showed Julien Meyer, but both of them finished first half with only 19% efficiency. Despite losing two goals Germany was able to draw with seconds before break thanks to goal scored by Lars Weisgerber.

In second half image of the game hadn’t really changed. It was still tough game with two very focused on victory teams. Nobody wanted to make a big mistake as they know it may cost them medal. After individual action in 39th minute great chance of giving his team three goals difference had Lars Weisgerber but on the right place was Florent Bonneau. Few seconds later his another intervention enable his team to draw but on the other side great reply Paul Porath saving counterattack. The closer to the end the better plying were Germany who in 48th minute with goal by Rico Keller had four goals advantage and they were closer to semi-finals.

Christian Schwarzer’s players started to believe in themselves and what is more they were able to enlarge distance to five goals with throw by Dominik Claus. What is worth mention minute before that great intervention in German goal had Joel Birlehm. France couldn’t find way to score and at eight minutes to the end of the game for time-out asked Eric Quintin. When it looked like nothing is going to stop Germany on their way to victory on two minutes to end for 30:29 scored Dika Mem. It was more than sure that last seconds will be very nervous and Schwarzer asked for time-out. There were 12 seconds to end of the game and France had ball. In last second scored Yanis Lenne, giving his team draw and promotion to semi-final.



Jochen Beppler, Germany, coach: As you can image we are very disappointed with that game and result. I agree with coach of France that it was tough game. We started with courage but then our team got too many emotions. Congratulations to France for their promotion to semifinal. I could mention many situations, which could be decisive moments but now it is too early to say what was the most important. Now we lost, we won’t finish with medal and we have to live with that.

Paul Porath, Germany, player: First of all congratulations to France. We could say that we were very bad in the end and now we just are looking forward to next games to play better.

Eric Quintin, France, coach: What can I say, we are very happy. As I said many times before this team is fantastic group with many good players. But you don’t know how each game is going to look like. We expected hard match. I am not sure if it was technically good game but there was many emotions. During that game German goalkeeper gave us many problems, we changed players and we tried some new things. It was a little bit of chance and we were lucky. In last action we wanted to play one against one, we wanted Germany to make step and have some space. Yanis scored and I am so happy, because it was such difficult moment.

Yanis Lenne, France, player: We knew that Germany is very good team. We have shown that we can go very far. In this match was like that because we have very good team spirit and we knew that game is never finished. We believed we can do it and we got promotion.


GERMANY– FRANCE 30:30 (16:16)

Germany: Porath, Birlehm – Blos, Zintel 1, Múller Jonas, Múller Jerome 5, Keller 3, Claus 7, Mertens 2, Struck 1, Barten, Haider, Kirchenbauer 4, Schade 2, Weisgerber 5, Williams.
MVP: Paul Porath.
7 metres: 2/2.
4×2 min. (Struck 2×2 min.; Weisgerber, Kirchenbauer).

France: Bonneau, Meyer – Lenne 2, Mocquais 5, Billant 1, Ferrandier, Garain 3, Minne 4, Kounkoud, Lagarde, Nozeran 3, Bouchillou 2, Zahm, Fabregas 4, Mem 2, Richardson 4.
MVP: Aymeric Minne.
7 meters: 5/7.
Suspensions: 5×2 min. (Minne 2×2 min.; Fabregas, Richardson, Kounkoud).

Referees: Lars Jorum and Kim-Rune Stenhaugmo (Norway).
Supervisor: Panos Antoniou (Cyprus).
Observer: Sotiris Migas (Greece).

1 Węgry Hungary 2 2 0 0 64:46 +18 4
2 Francja France 3 1 1 1 90:82 +8 3
3 Niemcy Germany 3 1 1 1 81:82 -1 3
4 Polska Poland 2 0 0 2 22:31 -9 0