Euro Handball Poland 2014

GROUP M2: Great victory of Hungary

Amazing game played Hungary today who in main round highly defeated Germany 30:20. Hungarian team thanks to that victory is almost sure promotion to the semi-finals.


The game between Hungary and Germany was probably the match of the day. Both teams certainly won their previous matches and were said to the main favorites. Match started with great save by Paul Porath who again showed that he is in good disposition. Right after that scored David Fekete and Hungary took lead. In third minute suspension got Martin Varju and Germany had 7 meter, which for goal changed Bjorn Zintel. That was good time for Christian Schwarzer’s players, who after goals scored by Lukas Mertens and Lars Weisgerber took lead 4:2. That was first and actually the last advantage of Germans and we could see how great team is Hungary.

Last minutes were totally under control of Hungary, who scored nine goals in row. In 8th minute scored Matyas Gyori, giving his team draw. After another goal for 6:4 Christian Schwarzer asked for time-out but that didn’t help his team. In great shape were Hungarians, especially David Fekete, Donat Bartok and Adam Juhasz. Breakthrough for Germany came in 19th minute when after counterattack scored Jerome Muller (11:5). Anyway they still were quite broken and couldn’t find their rhythm from group phase. What is worth mention Hungarians were supported by their bench, who was reacting very laud for every good play. German players were trying to reduce distance but failed and finally lost first half 16:9.

Second half Germans started with goal by Rico Keller at third minute, but quickly answered Hungary, who gradually was enlarging the distance, which in 36th minute amounted eight goals. Germans were trying to score as much as possible but Hungarian team was still controlling the game. In 9th minute suspension got Donat Bartok and it seemed to be a great occasion for Germany to reduce distance, which they didn’t really use. It looked like they don’t have a good idea to break wonderful playing Hungary – even if they were able to make distance only five goals, then opponents quickly raised it to eight and nine with another fantastic goal from wing by David Fekete.

With quarter to the end of the game Christian Schwarzer didn’t lose his hope for positive result and asked for time-out. The reality was not so optimistic for him and soon after goal of Matyas Gyori and counterattack of Martin Varju Hungary had ten goals more. Germans were powerless and without conception for play. Even suspensions for opponents didn’t help them with reduction of distance and their defeat was more than certain – the only question was how many goals. Finally game ended 30:20.



Janos Gyurka, Hungary, coach: This victory was possible for us because our team is complete and they win every game with great heart. We won against very well prepared German team I believe that the main reason why we won is defense, because we made lots of fouls and we can stop German players with their speed attack. My team played very disciplined and listened to all notices that they got from coaches. We are very happy for that victory and we will go on fighting with the same spirit that we had so far.

Gergely Rozsavolgyi, Hungary, player: We are very happy for victory and I believe that the reason we won is just that we won so many goals. We showed that it was team victory, we believed in ourselves. I also would like to pay attention to my goalkeeper partner who saved two penalties. Now we will go on and prepare to game against Poland.

Jochen Beppler, Germany, coach: First of all I would like to congratulate Hungary. We lost against very strong team. From our point of view the story was quickly said. We were winning 4:2 and then we lost nine goals and it was 11:4. After that time we couldn’t recover, we received too many fast breaks and suspensions. I must say that the victory of Hungarian team was completely deserved.

Alexander Williams, Germany, player: At beginning I want to congratulate Hungary for win. I think we were well prepared but they came up with very hard defense. It was a great problem for us, also their goalkeeper was very good. As Jochen said we started well but in the end we didn’t have many solutions for our offence and defense as well. We were not concentrated and we lost.


HUNGARY – GERMANY 30:20 (16:9)

Hungary: Pasztor, Rozsavolgyi – Bartok 5, Deak, Fekete 5, Fuzi 1, Gabor 1, Gyori 6, Juhasz 4, Ligetvari 3, Mikita, Nemes 2, Schmid, Szilagyi, Urban, Varju 3.
MVP: Gergely Rozsavolgyi.
7 metres: 1/1.
7×2 min. (Bartok, Gyori – 2×2 min.; Barju, Urban, Ligetvari).

Germany: Porath, Birlehm – Blos 3, Zintel 1, Múller Jonas, Múller Jerome 3, Keller 2, Claus, Mertens 1, Struck 1, Barten, Haider 1, Kirchenbauer 1, Schade, Weisgerber 3, Williams 4.
MVP: Alexander Williams.
7 meters: 2/4.
Suspensions: 7×2 min. (Muller Jerome, Schade – 2×2 min.; Keller, Haider, Weisgerber).

Referees: Marko Sekulic and Vladimir Jovandic (Serbia).
Supervisor: Panos Antoniou (Cyprus).
Observer: Antonio Goulao (Portugal).

1  Węgry Hungary 2 2 0 0 64:46 +18 4
2  Niemcy Germany 2 1 0 1 51:52 -1 2
3  Francja France 1 0 0 1 26:34 -8 0
4  Polska Poland 1 0 0 1 22:31 -9 0