Euro Handball Poland 2014

GROUP M1: Tough game for Spain

In tough and great game Spain had won against Switzerland and qualify to the semi-final. It was toughest game for Alberto Suarez’s team.

Spain was favorite but beginning of the game proved that it would be tough game. Switzerland team started with active, aggressive defence and Alberto Suarez’s players had problems with scored. Switzerland didn’t disappoint in attack and lead by three goals (3:6). They were able to enlarge distance to five goals with throw by Tim Aufdenblatten.

In the next minutes both teams presented close game. Michael Suter get time out and it was good decision. His players calm down and scored again. Spain was focused on victory so they cannot be nervous but they did to many mistakes in attack. With five minutes to the end of first half Spanish players woke up and scored five goals what gave them only one goal less than great Switzerland.

After break Switzerland team was continuing their game. Spain had chance to draw but they throws weren’t good. It comes true with goal by David Fernandez. Consistent game of Switzerland let them to stay in match (18:18; 47 min.).

Situation had changed after throw from 7 metres. Spain had two goals more than opponent and Switzerland mad mistake in attack. After that Suarez’s team lead by four goals and Michael Suter get time out (22:18; 52 min.). His team were playing with extra player which took goalkeeper’s place but it didn’t bring the effect (25:21; 56 min.). Finally Spain had won next match and qulify to the semi-final.



Alberto Suarez, Spain, coach: At the beginning of the match we know that we’re in the semi-final because of defeat of Sweden. It was important for us and Switzerland started good.

Aleix Gomez, Spain, player: I think that Switzerland had more intensive beginning. In the first half we were playing intheir style but in the second was otherwise. I’m happy because we’re in the semi-final.

Michael Suter, Switzerland, coach: Congratulations for Spain. We prepared well and we lead by five goals but our captain was out because of injury of knee. Spain were very fast and it was difficult.

Tim Aufdenblatten, Switzerland, player: We started very good. After few minutes we had five goals more sobeginning was very good. Spain had more players playing at this level so it’s difficult. At the end it was close match. We’re forward to the next match.

ESP - SUI (2)

SPAIN – SWITZERLAND 26:23 (12:13)

Spain: Ledo, Cabada – S. Gomez 1, Bazan, Dujshebaev, Folques, Casado 4, Castro 2, D. Fernandez 1, A. Gomez 9, Munoz, Rio, Odriozola 1, J. Fernandez 5, Pedreira 1, Gutierrez 2.
MVP: Aleix Gomez.
7 metres: 2/3.
Suspensions: 1×2 min. (Bazan).

Switzerland: Grana, Locatelli, Huber – Hochstrasser 2, Rubin 3, Leitner 2, Gwerder, Vogtli, Alili 3, Tynowski 4, Aufdenblatten 5, Schafroth, Weingartner 2, Rothlisberger 2, Meister, Schild.
MVP: Tim Aufdenblatten.
7 metres: 1/1.
Suspensions: 5×2 min. (Meister – 2×2 min.; Hochstrasser, Alili, Aufdenblatten).

Referees: Ruud Geraets oraz Paul Geraets (Netherlands).
Supervisor: Jean Yves Renon (France).
Observer: Mirosław Baum (Poland).

1 Hiszpania Spain
3 3 0 0 79:68 +11 6
2 Dania Denmark 3 1 0 2 85:76 +9 2
3 sui Switzerland 3 1 0 2 75:81 -6 2
4 Szwecja Sweden 3 1 0 2 71:85 -14 2