Euro Handball Poland 2014

GROUP M1: Thriller for Switzerland, Denmark in tears

After exciting game and goal in the last seconds Switzerland have defeated Denmark 27:26 (15:15) and remains in the fight for the EHF Men’s 18 European Championship medals.


The duel of teams, which after the Preliminary Round of the EHF Men’s 18 European Championship had zero points, provided huge excitement. During the whole game both teams had led extremely compensated fight and that’s why the fate of the clash has been decided in the last seconds.

The first quater of the match ran under the dictation of the Danes, who after eight minutes of play were winning 6:4. High efficiency from Frederik Krabbe, who was the main force of the Scandinavians in first half, helped Danes to enlarge their lead to 10:7.

Swiss players soon have responded for the good period of the rivals with four goals in a row. Switzerland’s tactics, based on a solid defence and consistent play in attack, for a long time had brought desired results to the team of coach Michael Suter’s. At the half time it was 15:15.

The second half looked similary to the first one, with Danes taking two-goal lead after 47 minutes (23:21). Last quater of the game however belonged to Swiss, who have scored decisive goal just five seconds before the last whistle. Switzerand’s hero was the winger Florian Leitner, who has drowned in his colleagues arms just after scoring.



Michael Suter, Switzerland, coach: We knew that Denmark is a very strong team. Today it was a win of our tactics, they were too strong for our 6:0, so we had to change to 5:1, what was a great success. At the end of the game we had good vibes and good nerves. Last goal was also about tactics with the seven players and it was perfect end of this game. We earned today amazing experience.

Florian Leitner, Swizterland, player: At the beginning we were quite nervous. In the second half we played a lot better in defence. In the end I guess we had a bit luck, Denmark goalkeeper was playing really good. Last attack it was all or nothing and luckily, I scored. Now I am just speechless.

Morten Henriksen, Denmark, coach: Today we lost a game against a better team and better players one by one. We didn’t win the duels one by one in attack or defence. I think the chance we had today was our quality to play as a team but we didn’t suceed with that either.

Lasse Rosendahl, Denmark, player: In the first half we didn’t show enough quality in our play. Later, after the half time we couldn’t step out and find the level of our atittude form last games.



Switzerland: Grana, Locatelli, Huber – Hochstrasser 1, Rubin 2, Leitner 1, Gwerder, Vogtli, Alili 5, Tynowski 5, Aufdenblatten 10, Schafroth, Weingartner, Rothlisberger 3, Meister, Schild.
MVP: Cedrie Tynowski.
7 metres:
1×2 min. (Rothlisberger).

Denmark: Nielsen, Gade – Toft Hansen 1, Olesen 1, Larsen, Krabbe 7, Aaquist 4, Campbell, Rosendahl 3, Hedegaard, Thogersen, Holm Haack 1, Norager 2, Saugstrup 6, Augustinussen, Thorsen 1.
MVP: Lasse Rosendahl.
7 metres:
4×2 min. (Saugstrup 2×2 min.; Hedegaard, Norager).

Referee: Georgios Panayides and Marios Andreou (Cyprus).
Supervisor: Jean Yves Renon (France).
Mirosław Baum (Poland).

1 Hiszpania Spain
2 2 0 0 52:45 +8 4
2 Szwecja Sweden 2 1 0 1 49:51 -2 2
3 sui Switzerland 2 1 0 1 52:55 -3 2
4 Dania Denmark 2 0 0 2 51:54 -3 0