Euro Handball Poland 2014

GROUP M1: Spain close to the semifinal

After great handball emotions and fast game Spain had won against Sweden. Team from Iberian Peninsula is close to the semifinal.


Both teams started with strong and fast attacks but Alberto Suarez’s team was a little better. Saves by Xoan Mendez Ledo and Agustin Marcel Casado’s goals let them lead by three goals (2:5; 9 min.). Ulf Nystrom reacted on this situation and get time out. His tips benefit because Swedish players started cooperate with pivot and scored (5:6; 16 min.).

Spain had problems with rival’s defence and they cannot throw. With ten minutes to the end of first half situation had changed. Players for Iberian Peninsula scored and had four goals more (6:10; 23 min.). Swedish team had adversity because of Lukas Nilsson’s had injury of hand and he didn’t play to the end of half. Finally Spain won first half by five goals.

After return on a court both teams were continuing their fast game. Coach of Spain get time out, but his players didn’t increase advantage. Swedish players had bad luck because they hit crossbar and goalpost (13:18; 43 min.).

During the game Spain was close to the victory. With eight minutes to the ending signal and effective save by Juan Carlos Cabada, Spanish players led by seven goals. They didn’t make mistakes in attack what gaves them victory and they’re close to the semifinal now.

SWE - ESP (2)


Ulf Nystrom, Sweden, coach: I would like to congratulate Spanish team victory. We played very well but they were better. We must get two points in next match.

Emil Hansson II, Sweden, player: We did too many technical faults. I’m very disappointed.

Alberto Suarez, Spain, coach: We’re happy that we’ve got two points. Sweden is one of the biggest team in handball. We still enjoy this victory and we think about Switzerland tomorrow.

David Alonso Fernandez, Spain, player: I’m very happy. I think that we had great defence. That’s one of our keys to victory.


SWEDEN – SPAIN 20:26 (8:13)

Sweden: Bjorkman-Myhr, Pettersson – Bredolo, Hedvall, Sjorbrink, Obermuller, Andersson, Hansson I, Nilsson, Martensson, Mattson, Hansson II, Claar, Hallback, Sandell, Mellegard.
MVP: Lukas Nilsson.
7 meters: 1/2.
Suspensions: 4×2 min. (Obermuller, Nilsson, Hansson II, Halback).

Spain: Ledo, Cabada – Gomez S. 1, Bazan 2, Dujshebaev 1, Folques, Casado 3, Castro, D. Fernandez 6, Gomez A. 4, Munoz, Rio, Odriozola 2, J. Fernandez 6, Pedreira 1, Gutierrez.
MVP: David Alonso Fernandez.
7 meters: 4/5.
Suspensions: 4×2 min. (Bazan, D. Fernandez, Gomez, J. Fernandez).

Referees: Alexey Kiyashko and Dmitriy Kiselev (Russia).
Supervisor: Viktor Konopliastyi (Ukraine).
Observer: Sotiris Migas (Greece).

1 Hiszpania Spain
2 2 0 0 52:45 +8 4
2 Szwecja Sweden 2 1 0 1 49:51 -2 2
3 sui Switzerland 2 1 0 1 52:55 -3 2
4 Dania Denmark 2 0 0 2 51:54 -3 0