Euro Handball Poland 2014

GROUP M1: Emil Nielsen stopped Sweden

Thanks to the hero goalkeeper Emil Nielsen, Denmark outclassed Sweden in what said to be the most exciting game in a Group M1. The Danes won 34:22 (20:9).


Before this game Denmark was said to be the team to defeat as they didn’t have any point. After they lost to Switzerland their chances to promotion were really small and the main favorite of that match were players from Sweden. The reality was much different and the one who showed that his team was doomed too quickly was… Emil Nielsen, goalkeeper who turn out to be executioner of Three Crowns.

First minutes of the game let us believe that fans that came to AWFiS Arena will see very close match. After six minutes we could still see draw result as 3:3. However soon his festival in goal started Emil Nielsen and Denmark tool lead by few points.

In ninth minute after goal of Fredrik Krabbe Denmark lead 7:3 and they quickly enlarge advantage to 13:7 (16. minute). Wonderful game in Danish team played Nicolaj Norager, who was throwing from second line. The biggest star was Nielsen who after first half managed to save fourteen goals and his efficiency was on level of 60%! After three other goals of Norager in 20. minute Denmark was winning by ten goals (17:7) and before break enlarge it to eleven (20:9).

Second half was mostly trials of Sweden to make match closer but they didn’t really managed to do it. What is more they were playing without their leader Lukas Nilsson, who got hand injured in first half. They were able to reduce distance to eight goals but soon Denmark make it ten again and finally won 34:22.



Morten Henriksen, Denmark, coach: Today I am happy, yesterday I was sad and that’s the funny thing about this national team. Our top level we are very good, we saw that in matches against Russia and FYR Macedonia and now against Sweden. On the other hand we our bottom level are very low. Hopefully we can stabilize and hopefully our friends from Spain can help us to semi-finals.

Emil Nielsen, Denmark, player: I didn’t expect such a great game from our team. I have exected that we can win with Sweden. The defence today was fantastic, as well as team atittude. The defence and good efficiency in attack were the keys to win this game.

Ulf Nystrom, Sweden, coach: In the first half Denmark was really really good, they showed really good performance. Unfortunately we weren’t prepared to play at the same level and that’s why the difference was so big. We didn’t do a great job today, mainly in the first half. The second was a little bit better, but the distance to the Danish team was to large.

Emil Hansson II, Sweden, player: Denmark was a better team today. I don’t what heppend to us, it’s hard to say anything now. It was a tough competition. We took wrong decisions in attack, what helped Denmark to score simple goals.


DENMARK – SWEDEN 34:22 (20:9)

Denmark: Nielsen, Gade – Toft Hansen 1, Olesen 6, Larsen, Krabbe 3, Aaquist 2, Campbell 1, Rosendahl 4, Hedegaard 1, Thogersen 1, Holm Haack, Norager 10, Saugstrup 3, Augustinussen 1, Thorsen 1.
MVP: Emil Nielsen.
7 metres:
1×2 min. (Holm Haack).

Sweden: Bjorkman-Myhr, Petersson – Bredolo, Hedvall, Sjobrnik 2, Obermuller 2, Andersson, E. Hansson I, Nilsson 1, Martensson 2, Mattson, E. Hansson II 4, Claar 2, Hallback 8, Sandell 1, Mellegaard.
MVP: Anton Hallback.
7 metres:
5×2 min. (Bredolo, Hedvall, Martensson, E. Hansson II, Hallback).

Referee: Marko Sekulic and Vladimir Jovandic (Serbia).
Supervisor: Viktor Konopliastyi (Ukraine).
Observer: Antonio Goulao (Portugal).

1 Hiszpania Spain
2 2 0 0 52:45 +8 4
Dania Denmark 3 1 0 2 85:76 +9 2
3 sui Switzerland 2 1 0 1 52:55 -3 2
Szwecja Sweden 3 1 0 2 71:85 -14 2