Euro Handball Poland 2014

GROUP I2: Romania with first victory

After good performance against Czech Republic Romanians won their first game in the tournament. With victory 30:25 they got two points, which still give them hope for World Championship’s promotion.


Romanian national team after three defeats in group phase was hoping for breakthrough in the match with Czech Republic. Both teams were very concentrated before game as both of them were hoping for place which gives them promotion to World Championship. Although game begun Romania first goal scored Czech Republic. However they have made three mistakes and Romania was the team who took lead 3:1 in 4th minute. Both teams weren’t really infallibly and soon Czechs had few chances to draw – Romanian were losing balls and were ineffective from 7 meter. Next goal we saw in 7th minute when scored Alexandru Laslo and seconds after him counterattack used Constantin Manescu was 5:2. Coach of Czech Republic asked for time-out but his players didn’t made any difference, as only mistakes of Romanians and goalkeeper Filip Herjat saved them before losing other goals.

Breakthrough for Czech came in 12th minute when Filip Doricak scored third goal for his team.With other minutes Czechs were presenting very tough and high defense that Romania had a little problems with. Even if they managed to break it as in 17th minute when Alexandru Laslo passed to pivot Leonard Stefan the situation was saving Filip Herjat. The problems of his team noticed Octavian Hartoaga and asked for time out as the result showed 11:7. That also didn’t changed the game very much. Till the end of first half game was mostly goal for goal and finally first thirty minutes finished with 14:11.

Second half opened goal by Vit Kucera, who reduced distance to two goals. Quickly Czechs had to play with one player less as two minutes suspension got Stanislav Kasparek. However Romanians couldn’t find the way to use it and the result didn’t changed. Soon the result changed and again Hartoaga’s players were leading by five goals. Then the closest Czech Republic came when Dieudonne Mubenzem scored for 18:15. Romanians were presenting fine handball and only due to their individual mistakes in offence they weren’t able to lead higher. Good performance on the Romanian goal had Razvan Apostu. On the other side good change gave Bohumil Psenica who was another problem for Romanians.

However soon it looked like they find the way as they took the highest lead in the game (23:17, 18 minute). Czechs were trying to change the result but good defense of Romania enable it for them. With seven minutes to the end of the game worried Octavian Hartoaga asked for time-out as his team started to make more mistakes. It made result as soon they enlarged distance to seven goals. In last minutes Czech Republic managed to score two goals more and finally the game finished 30:25.



Octavian Hartoaga, Romania, coach: Today we had hard game, but I am happy and I think that we deserved that victory. We had more discipline and it gave us victory. Now we are going to have a lot of concentration for next games. I hope we will make good game against Belarus, because we really need to win that game.

Roland Thalmaier, Romania, player:  It was hard game but we are happy that we won. We had some mistakes in defense but finally we took our first victory and I am very glad.

Libor Hrabal, Czech Republic, coach: We wanted our fist victory but we started very bad. I must say I can’t find words to say how horrible it was. I am very disappointed.

Vaclav Franc, Czech Republic, player: We wanted to win but the beginning of the game was bad. We made many mistakes and technical fouls and that enabled us victory.



Romania: Marusca, Apostu, Freiwald – Broasca, Cuciureanu 1, Dumitru, Gal 3, Laslo 4, C. Manescu 3, A. Manescu 2, Moldovan 1, Pop 4, Simo, Stefan 2, Thalmaier 6, Uruianu 4.
MVP: Roland Thalmaier
7 metres: 2/3.
7×2 min. (Gal, Simo – 2×2 min.; Laslo, Thalmaier, Cuciureanu).

Czech Republic: Herajt, Hrdlicka, Psenica – Biciste 2, Brezina 1, Dedecek 10, Dolejsi, Doricak 2, Franc, Kasparek 2, Kucera 2, Kyvala, Mubenzem 3, Safranek 1, Stohanzl 2, Zeman.
MVP: Frantisek Dedecek
7 meters: 2/2.
Suspensions: 7×2 min. (Biciste, Kasparek – 2×2 min.; Mubenzem, Kucera, Dolejsi).

Referees: Robin Sager and Stefan Styger (Switzerland)
Supervisor: Panos Antoniou (Cyprus)
Observer: Antonio Goulao (Portugal)

1 Chorwacja Croatia 2 1 1 0 72:57 +15 3
2 blr Belarus 2 1 1 0 61:58 +3 3
Rumunia Romania 2 1 0 1 56:66 -10 2
4 CzechyCzech Republic 2 0 0 2 52:60 -8 0