Euro Handball Poland 2014

GROUP I2: First draw in Gdynia

After very emotional last minutes Croatia draw with Belarus 31:31. Even if Hrvoje Horvats players were losing by three goals in the end they managed to save it and got one point.


Game started with the goal of Marko Jurakić, who scored first for Croatia. After another goal of that player his team was leading 2:1 and soon had chance to enlarge it to 3:1, but good defense of Belarus didn’t let them do that. On the other hand also Belarus couldn’t find the way to goal as well game started Croatian goalkeeper, Matija Spikić. Few minutes later Mikita Yermashevich scored and we can see the draw result. In 12th minute Belarus took their first lead with goal by Aliaksandr Padshyvalau who scored for 4:5 and while later for 4:6. With another goal to Belarus and result 4:7 Hrvoje Horvat asked for time-out.

Croats were still having some problems in offence and few minutes later after goal by Andrei Stasiuk distance was even higher (5:9). What is more Belarus had chance to double number of Croatian’s goals, but counterattack saved Matija Spikić. With ten minutes to the end two players from Balkans got suspended. Firstly two minutes got Marko Sehic and then Andrej Obranović. Coach of Belarus immediately asked for time-out to give his players some notices. However his players didn’t manage to use that advantage and what is more one of Belarus players soon got suspension as well. Croatia was trying to reduce distance and after goals from Matija Babić and Marko Sehić they were able to do it. Just with seconds to the end of first half Horvat’s players draw 15:15 with the goal of Robert Tokić.

After break Croatia quickly took the lead – goals of Robert Tokić and Marko Jurakić made the result 17:15. However soon Belarus made draw again. The game started to be goal by goal again and around the draw. Both teams couldn’t make visible advantage until 45th minute when after fast break scored Andrei Stasiuk giving Belarus two goals lead. For Croats main problem was suspensions for main players, who were playing too hard in defense. However when another punishment had Ivan Ivković, their opponents couldn’t use advantage and result didn’t changed much.

Last minutes were pretty nervous for both teams. One goal more for Belarus wasn’t enough for play peacefully and Croatia still saw the chance for win that game. There was five minutes to the end of game and Belarus had chance for lead by two goals again, but great save presented Matija Spikić. They did it few seconds later when scored Aliaksei Sasulin and Artsem Karalek. Hrvoje Horvat asked for time-out and decided to took off goalkeeper. Advantage in offence didn’t help them with scoring and they seemed to be too much nervous. There were only two minutes to the end of the game and Croats managed to score three times and make a draw.



Hrvoje Horvat, Croatia, coach: For us it was very nervous game at the beginning. There were some easy goals for Belarus and with first minutes we didn’t played good defense. We came back in second half. It was close game but then they got two more goals. We decided to change defense and we managed to take draw.

Marko Sehić, Croatia, player: We were hoping for win before that match but we entered game with few mistakes. Our defense was not strong enough, but then we managed to bring it on higher and with mistakes of Belarus we got one point.

Mikalai Zhuk, Belarus, coach: After that game we can see what U18 means and lack of experience. I really liked Croatian team, we met them in Netherlands at tournament and as I can see they are going in right direction. They still made some technical mistakes but finally they played good. I am very disappointed that we lost.

Artsem Karalek, Belarus, player: We should have won that game with few goals but we didn’t use many actions with counterattacks and that deiced that we didn’t win. We had good defense but we weren’t effective in the attack. It is not over for us we are going to fight and win next matches.


CROATIA – BELARUS 31:31 (15:15)

Croatia: Spikic, Jovic – Babic M. 7, Babic A. 1, Ivkovic 3, Jelinic, Jurakic 5, Kota, Obranovic, Markusic 2, Sehic 5, Sipic, Smojver, Tokic 8, Vrdoljak, Zobec.
MVP: Marko Sehić.
7 metres: 2/3.
8×2 min. (Babic, Sehic – 2×2 min.; Zobec, Jelinic, Markusic, Ivkovic).

Belarus: Ukhau, Yaromenka, Sadaunichy – Baklazhets, Karalek 1, Karvatski, Kulak 3, Kulesh, Lashchakou, Padshyvalau 7, Pashkou, Sasulin 1, Satsiuk 6, Sonchyk 1, Yermashevich 7, Yurynok 5.
MVP: Aliaksandr Padshyvalau.
7 meters: 3/3.
Suspensions: 6×2 min. (Karalek, Padshyvalau, Kulesh – 2×2 min.).

Referees: Simone Zendali and Stefano Riello (Italy)
Supervisor: Algis Mikucionis (Lithuania)
Observer: Pablo Permuy (Spain)

1 Chorwacja Croatia 2 1 1 0 72:57 +15 3
2 blr Belarus 2 1 1 0 61:58 +3 3
3 Rumunia Romania 2 1 0 1 56:66 -10 2
4 CzechyCzech Republic 2 0 0 2 52:60 -8 0