Euro Handball Poland 2014

GROUP I1: Game of mistakes for Russia

Despite of many mistakes Russia had defeated Serbian team. Due to Sborna will fight for 9.-12. places.


From the beginning referees eased players mind and gave them two suspensions. Serbian had a chance to lead because of very good saves by Dejan Milosavljev. Unfortunetly for them, they made too many mistakes and after eight minutes was 4:2 for Russia.

Serbian chance was action from left site. Despite of their problems and many bad throws, advantage didn’t change. Players from Russia were better in attack but with next minutes they did own mistakes too (12:9; 23 min.). Everything brings that it wasn’t good match.

After break situation didn’t change. Russian controlled game and they had five goals more than Serbia. Players of both teams did too many mistakes and they were worst in attack and defence too. Some actions were playing with no idea.

During the game Aleksandr Alekseev’s team kep advantage but Serbian wanted to fight. They scored four goals and it was 27:25. Russian coach get time out and it was good decision. Their rival made mistake in attack and Russia had won.



Alexey Solovyev, Russia, coach: It was difficult game for us but we were able to win and get good result.

Iyrii Sergeev, Russia, player: There were a lot of emotions. Both teams played good in attack and defence. Serbian wingers played vell but it wasn’t problem for us and we get two points..

Vladica Spasojevic, Serbia, coach: We lost yesterday and we had problem with motivate our players for today match. Russia played very good but we had chance to win. We were playing bad in this championship.

Darko Stevanovic, Serbia, player: We played bad and it was difficult match for us.

RUS - SRB (2)

RUSSIA – SERBIA 27:25 (14:11)

Russia: Vereshchagin, Sergeev – Tropin, Alintsinovich 6, Bolotin 10, Chernichenko 1, Santalov 2, Borzykin, Stepanov, Kornev 1, Dashko 2, Karibov 2, Furtsev 2, Pasenov, Sharkov 1.
MVP: Iyrii Sergeev.
7 meters: 4/4.
Suspensions: 3×2 min. (Borzykin, Kornev, Dashko).

Serbia: Milojasevic, Stonajlovic – Stevanovic 5, Kurtes, Rakocija, Kolakovic, Potpara 3, Markovic 2, Jovanovic 5, Ajanovic 6, Banduka 1, Radovanovic, Mitric U., Ranisavljevic 1, Stanojlovic 2, Mitric S.
MVP: Darko Stevanovic.
7 meters:
6×2 min. (Markovic – 2×2 min.; Stevanovic, Jovanovic, Mitris U., Ranisavljevic).

Referees: Georgios Panayides and Marios Andreou (Cyprus).
Supervisor: Algis Mikucionis (Lithuania).
Observer: Miroslaw Baum (Poland).


1 isl Iceland 3 3 0 0 95:85 +10 6
2 mkd FYR Macedonia 3 1 0 2 78:77 +1 2
3 Rosja Russia 2 1 0 1 67:70 -3 2
4 srb Serbia 2 0 0 2 44:52 -8 0