Euro Handball Poland 2014

GROUP I1: First points for FYR Macedonia

FYR Macedonia has won first game at the EHF Men’s 18 European Championship 2014 in Poland. After good game coach Aleksandar Jovikj’s players have defeated Serbia 23:20 (9:9).


Tuesday’s game in AWFiS hall in Gdansk was an opportuninty for both teams to take a very first vitory at the EHF Men’s 18 European Championship 2014 in Poland. For both teams it was also the last bell to get first points and remain in the race for the World Championship’s 2015 tickets.

Serbia has started the match better, just after few minutes taking the three-goal lead. The hero of the Serbians was keeper Dejan Milosavljev, who managed to make few great saves. After two goals from Milan Potpara Serbia was winning 5:2 (12′), being on a good course to take two points.

After great first quater, young Serbians have lost their good atittude, what helped Macedonians to make a come back. Goals from fantastic duo Filip Taleski and Marko Nelovski  made it 9:9 at the half time. It was then all or nothing at the second half.

After the change of sides, none of the team was able to develop a significant advantage. In the 34th minute the Serbs took the lead 12:10, but the Macedonians quickly came from behind, leading 14:13. Till the end of the game both teams have fought for every ball, but te winner could have been only one. The goal from Taleski gave FYR Macedonia 21:19 lead after 55 minutes and when Nelovski scored twice in next few minutes, it was sure that coach Aleksandar Jovikj’s team will get two points.



Nikola Matlieski, FYR Macedonia, coach: I think we were better team today, our players wanted to win this game. We tried really hard and managed to win in the end. Congratulations to the Serbian team, who was better than us in the beginning of the game. We still have good chance to reach the World Championship and we believe that tomorrow in a game against Iceland we will show that we deserve to promote.

Davor Palevski, FYR Macedonia, player: We are very pleased with our atittude today. We left our hearts on the court and that is why we won the match. Tomorrow we will face Iceland and if we will win I hope we will go to the World Championship in Russia.



Serbia: Milosavljev, Stanojlovic - Kurtes, Rakocija 4, Kolakovic, Potpara 5, Markovic, Jovanovic 4, Ajanovic 3, Banduka, Radovanovic, U. Mitric 1, Ranisavljevic 3, Stojanovic, S. Mitric.
MVP: Milan Jovanovic.
7 metres:
 4×2 min. (Radovanovic, U. Mitric – 2×2 min).

FYR Macedonia: Balzhevski, Danilovski, Kizikj – Boshkovski 1, Grozdanovski, Velkovski 2, Nelovski 8, Popovski, Stavridis, Markudov 4, Taleski 5, Davitkovski, Krstanovski, Krstevski, Palevski 3.
MVP: Martin Velkovski.
7 metres:
5×2 min. (Krstanovski, Nelovski – 2×2 min.; Taleski).

Referee: Ruud Geraets oraz Paul Geraets (Netherlands).
Supervisor: Viktor Konopliastyi (Ukraine).
Jean Yves Renon (France).

1  isl Iceland 2 2 0 0 69:60 +9 4
2  mkd FYR Macedonia 2 1 0 1 53:51 +2 2
3  Rosja Rosja 2 1 0 1 67:70 -3 2
4  srb Serbia 2 0 0 2 44:52 -8 0