Euro Handball Poland 2014

GROUP I1: Festival of throws for Iceland

After great game Iceland won against Russia. Due to next points they approximate to World Championship in 2015.


Beginning of the match started with equal game of both teams (6:6; 12 min.). Icelanders were able to take lead by they were not effective in the attack. In spite of Russians mistakes Scandinavians cannot use it. With fifteen minutes Aleksandr Alekseev’s team increase their tempo of the game and scored two times.

Omar Magnusson took game in offence on one’s shoulders but Iceland had problems with keep the advantage. Every attack of Russian players ended with goal because Iceland’s defence was awful. Situation didn’t change and Sborna had three goals more with end of first half.

Break hinted Icelanders. They were more aggressive in defence and effective in attack. Due to they were able to score. It’s important that Leonhard Hardarson played well what let his team control the game (26:23; 39 min.).

During the second half Einar Gudmundsson’s team were playing better and Russians cannot reduce the distance and they must come to terms with lost. With five minutes to end of the match Pavel Elistratov get red card for hit elbow. The advantage between both teams linger all time and finally Iceland get two points.



Einar Gudmundsson, Iceland, coach: In the first half we did too many mistakes, especially in defence. In the second half we controlled situation on the court and due to we won this match.

Omar Magnusson, Iceland, player: We played good in defence and our goalkeeper saved some throws. I’m happy that we get two points.

ISL - RUS (2)

ICELAND – RUSSIA 40:36 (17:20)

Iceland: Gudjonsson, Baldvinsson – Runarsson 1, Kristjansson 1, Bjarnason Hlynur, Arnarsson A. 4, Magnusson S., Styrmisson 6, Arnarsson D. 2, Hardarson 5, Magnusson E. 4, Benediktsson, Bjarnason Henrik, Magnusson O. 11, Rikhardsson 4 and Palsson 2.
MVP: Omar Magnusson.
7 metres: 2/3.
Suspensions: 3×2 min. (Bjarnason – 2×2 min.; Arnarsson).

Russia: Vereshchagin, Sergeev – Tropin, Alintsinovich, Bolotin, Chernichenko, Santalov, Borzykin, Stepanov, Elistratov, Kornev, Dashko, Karibov, Furtsev, Pasenov and Sharkov.
MVP: Segei Bolotin.
7 metres: 1/1.
Suspensions5×2 min. (Santalov – 2×2 min.; Bolotin, Elistratov, Furtsev).

Referees: Aleksandar Jovic and Nedim Arnautovic (Bosna and Herzegovina).
Supervisor: Valerijs Jaskins (Latvia).
Observer: Sotiris Migas (Greece).

1 isl Iceland 2 2 0 0 69:60 +9 4
2 mkd FYR Macedonia 2 1 0 1 53:51 +2 2
3 Rosja Rosja 2 1 0 1 67:70 -3 2
4 srb Serbia 2 0 0 2 44:52 -8 0