Euro Handball Poland 2014

GROUP B: Certain victory of Spain


In third match Spain aced Russia and with three wins they advance to the next round of Men’s 18 EHF Euro.


Beginning of the match started with great defence of Spanish players. Aleksandr Alekseev’s team had big problems with score and their first goal was after six minutes. Due to tight, aggressive game and effective save goalkeeper, Xoan Ledo Mendez, Spain lead by five goals 7:2; 13 min.). After that relaxation get into the Spanish game but Russians cannot use it. Then the coach of Spain asked for time out.

Situation didn’t change. Match was under control of Spain and young Russians weren’t able to reduce the advantage. Aleksandr Alekseev gave chance to other players and it was good decision. They amend attack and first half ended with victory of Spain, 12:9.

In the second half situation from beginning of the match recurred. Spanish players consequently scored and Russians cannot find way to hit (16:11; 38 min.). Their problems weren’t goes to the end because four minutes later goalkeeper Iyrii Sergeev get red card for hit winger during the throw.

Due to safe advantage coach of Spain was able to do changing the squad and it wasn’t impact on situation. With minute to end of match Russia played with two players with suspensions. Spanish team with three wins advance to the next round of Men’s 18 EHF Euro.



Alberto Suarez, Spain, coach: Besides win it was complicated match because we had two players less. It impacted on mentality of our players. Despite of it we have manage two points. They played very well and we are promoted to the main round.

Xoan Ledo Mendez, Spain, player: We won due to good defence. We have been a little worst in attack but it’s important that we have two points.

Alexey Solovyev, Russia, coach: Beginning of the match wasn’t good. It was too many mistakes from our team and action which gave goalkeeper grief.

Dmitrii Santalov, Russia, playerWe lost but with honor. We were close.

ESP - RUS (2)

SPAIN – RUSSIA 25:22 (12:9)

Spain: Ledo, Cabada – Bazan 1, Dujshebaev 1, Folques 1, Casado 3, Castro 5, D. Fernandez 5, Munoz 1, Rio 1, Odriozola 2, Carmona, J. Fernandez 5, Pedreira and Gutierrez.
MVP: Xoan Ledo Mendez.
7 meters: 1/1.
Suspensions: 4×2 min. (Dujshebaev, D. Fernandez Rio, J. Fernandez).

Russia: Vereshchagin, Sergeev – Tropin, Alintsinovich 4, Bolotin 7, Chernichenko, Santalov 6, Borzykin, Stepanov, Elistratov, Kornev, Dashko 2, Karibov, Furtsev 2, Pasenov 1 and Sharkov.
7 meters: 4/4.
Suspensions: 6×2 min. (Elistratov – 2×2 min.; Santalov, Borzykin, Kornev, Pasenov).

Referees: Simone Zendali and Stefano Riello (Italy).
Supervisor: Panos Antoniou (Cyprus).
Observer: Mirosław Baum (Poland).


Hiszpania SPAIN 3 3 0 0 85:63 +20 6
Dania DENMARK 3 2 0 1 101:68 +33 4
Rosja Russia 3 1 0 2 74:93 -19 2
mkd FYR Macedonia 3 0 0 3 66:100 -34 0