Euro Handball Poland 2014

SEMI FINALS: Unstoppable Hungary will play for gold!

Hungary is the only one team at tournament who haven’t lost any game and now they will play in the final! After great play in semi-final they defeat Denmark 32:26.


Game started with great save of Imre Pasztor, who from first minutes showed that he is not going to give up on being a important point of his team. Soon his team was leading 2:0 after goals by Adam Juhasz and Patrik Ligetvari. They soon could enlarge it to three but penalty saved wonderful Emil Nielsen. In first minutes goalkeeper was the strongest part of Danish team as they had some problems in attack and first goal scored in 6. minute, when way to the goal found Mike Holm Haack. While later they had opportunity to draw but on right place inHungarian goal was Pasztor. Instead of that scored Daniel Fuzi and Hungary lead 4:2.

In 15. minute Hungary made mistake and the ball was in hand of Denmark who could draw but again they didn’t used it. Three minutes later thanks to another goal of Daniel Fuzi Hungary go the biggest lead so far – 7:4. While after that time-out requested Morten Henriksen. Danes were chasing result and after goals by Nicolaj Norager and Lasse Rosendahl they finally draw in 22. minute and coach Janos Gyurka decided to take a break. Notices from coach helped Hungarian players who quickly took their lead back. They didn’t give it away until the first half and finally they won it 13:10.

Second half began with Hungary enlarging their distance, which in 34. was five goals (16:11). What is more the problem for Denmark happened to be suspensions – during first five minutes of second part two players got their punishments. With time Danes started to gradually reduce distance in which helping them were mistakes of Hungary. After goal of Magnus Saugstrup they had only two goals left and soon chance to make one but good chance in Hungarian goal gave Gergely Rozsavolgyi. Worried Janos Gyurka asked for time-out.

Hungary quickly found their rhythm and on quarter to the end of first half lead again 24:18. In last minutes Danes were still trying to score but their throws ended next to the goal. Infallibly were Hungarian guys who were surly matching to the final of tournament. Finally they unquestionably won 32:26 and in final they will meet with France.



Janos Gyurka, Hungary, coach: We knew that it will be the toughest game with very good opponent. It was visible that Denmark was very dangerous, especially in first minutes. On the other hand in defense my team was truly really good. I think we won that game with defense. In second half we found our rhythm in attack as well and again I would like to mention great time spirit of my group.

Imre Pasztor, Hungary, player: We knew that is was going to be the most difficult match for us. We wanted to get to the final very much. We had some bad periods but due to the fact that spirit in our team is really good, we could manage to win. I want to thank my teammates and goalkeeper partner, because without them that award of MVP would not be possible.

Morten Henriksen, Denmark, coach: I think that today we played with a great team and we lost against them, because they are better team. They were playing really well we knew it will be tough game. Hungary is very good team with many fantastic individual players and we could see it tonight on the field.

Magnus Saugstrup, Denmark, player: It was tough game as we expected. We were prepared to play with very good team of Hungary but we had problems with scoring and defeating their goalkeepers.


HUNGARY – DENMARK 32:26 (13:10)

Hungary: Pasztor, Rozsavolgyi – Bartok 3, Deak, Fekete 3, Fuzi 2, Gabor, Gyori 6, Juhasz 5, Ligetvari 6, Mikita, Nemes 1, Schmid 1, Szilagyi, Urban 2, Varju 3.
MVP: Imre Pasztor.
7 metres: 3/5.
Suspensions: 3×2 min. (Varju – 2×2 min.; Rozsavolgyi).

Denmark: Nielsen, Gade – Toft Hansen 2, Olesen, Larsen, Krabbe 4, Aaquist 1, Campbell 1, Rosendahl 1, Hedegaard, Thogersen, Holm Haack 4, Norager 3, Saugstrup 5, Augustinussen 4, Thorsen 1.
MVP: Magnus Saugstrup.
7 meters: 2/5.
Suspensions: 4×2 min. (Toft Hansen, Aaquist, Hedegaard, Holm Haack).

Referees: Lars Jorum and Kim-Rune Stenhaugmo (Norway).
Supervisor: Jean Yves Renon (France).
Observer: Pablo Permuy (Spain).