Euro Handball Poland 2014

SEMI FINALS: Final for France!

After very emotional semi final France won by one goal with Spain. That means they will play for a gold medal in great final on Sunday.


In first semi final France faced Spain and from first minutes we could see that both teams are pretty nervous. Better with pressure in first minutes deal France, which scored first goal in the game – in 4. minute good throw made Dika Mem. Soon after goals by Tom Nozeran and Ludovic Fabregas France lead 0:3 and coach of Spain, Alberto Suarez asked for time-out. While after that French team managed to enlarge difference to four goals but then they started to have some problems. First goal for Spain scored in 10. minute Augustin Casado. Hispanos had chance for second goal but counterattack saved Julien Meyer. Due to mistakes in offence France started to lose goals and in 16. minute the result was 4:5.

Quite good day had goalkeepers – mentioned Meyer and Juan Cabada de Dios. Although they didn’t stat very well Spanish players weren’t thinking about giving up. They started to present good defense, which was pretty hard to France. However Les Bleus were able to keep their two-three goals distance. With counterattack finished by Melvyn Richardson they were leading by four goals again and Suarez requested time-out once again. Little chat with players gave result and soon after goal by Antonio Bazan Spain had only one goal left and that time coach of France, Eric Quintin asked for a break. Nothing really changed the image of the game and first half ended with result 10:12.

In the beginning of second half France had opportunity to lead by three but they made mistake and instead of that the result was 11:12. Good start had Juan Cabada de Dios, who scored two shots in row. Thanks to that his teammates could built attack finished with goal by Klaudi Odriozola who gave his team draw. Both teams were making mistakes in offence and play was goal for goal. In 40. minute for Spain scored Antonio Bazan and his team took first lead. What is more they had great chance to enlarge it to two goals but they made mistake and for 15:15 scored Dylan Garain.

First bigger advantage Spain took in 44. minute when scored Juan Munoz for 17:15. France found it hard to took lead and for long time they were chasing result. Finally they managed to do it in 53. minute when 7 meter used Etienne Mocquais (21:22). During last nervous minutes we still could not be sure which team will play in the final. Finally better team was France, who won by one goal and on Sunday will play for golden medal!



Alberto Suarez, Spain, coach: The match was very close. Both teams had their ups and downs but in the final moments France was more effective and they qualified for finals.

Aleix Gomez Abello, Spain, player: As coach said the game was really tight. Both halves were intense. Despite we played better in second half in final moments we were not good in shots, mostly because of their goalkeeper and that was most important.

Eric Quintin, France, coach: It was good game, because we started better and then Spain had good time, they managed to catch up with us. We are very happy because we won and we know that our opponent was very close. We were lucky. I am not sure if we played the best we can, but thank to our goalkeeper victory was possible. Also goalkeeper of Spain gave us some problems. I am happy that we have our first final, my players totally deserved it.

Juien Meyer, France, player: After game against Germany we wanted to play better game today. We knew everybody wanted to win and we did it. Now we have our final and we want to play better and win.


SPAIN – FRANCE 23:24 (10:12)

Spain: Ledo, Cabada – S. Gomez, Bazan, Dujshebaev 4, Folques, Casado 3, Castro 1, D. Fernandez, A. Gomez 5, Munoz 3, Rio 1, Odriozola 5, J. Fernandez 1, Pedreira, Gutierrez.
MVP: Aleix Gomez Abello.
7 metres: 1/2.
Suspensions: 1×2 min. (Folques).

France: Bonneau, Meyer – Lenne, Mocquais 3, Billant 2, Ferrandier, Garain 3, Minne 2, Kounkoud, Lagarde, Nozeran 3, Bouchillou 2, Zahm, Fabregas 3, Mem 3, Richardson 3.
MVP: Julien Meyer.
7 metres: 2/3.
Suspensions: 3×2 min. (Fabregas – 2×2 min.; Bouchillou).

Referees: Marko Sekulic and Vladimir Jovandic (Serbia).
Supervisor: Viktor Konopliastyi (Ukraine).
Observer: Antonio Goulao (Portugal).