Euro Handball Poland 2014

PLACE 5.-8.: Double extra time with Swedish victory

After very emotional game with double extra time Sweden won with Germany 31:32. That means Sweden is the one who will still fight for 5. place on that tournament.


The game started with goal of Moritz Schade who after great position attack finished with goal of line player. Quickly replied Emil Hansson and their first lead Swedish players took minute later. First minutes showed us that it will not be and easy game. Both teams were making some mistakes and well that game started for two goalkeepers: Paul Porath from Germany and Erik Pettersson from Sweden. For long time both teams were not able to make visible advantage and game was played goal for goal. In 13. minute suspension got Pascal Blos and for 120 seconds Sweden had one more player at the playground which could help them with making two goals difference but on their way was Paul Porath.

Swedish players had many chances to enlarge their leading but due to individual mistakes and German goalkeeper they managed to do it in 20. minute. While after time-out requested coach of Germany, Christian Schwarzer. When Max Haider got suspension, Sweden didn’t make mistake from previous minutes and with goal of Christoffer Bredolo enlarge advantage to three goals (9:12, 23. minute). However they did not manage to eliminate mistakes completely and even if they had some opportunities to lead with bigger amount of points they finished first half with result 11:16. In last seconds also red card had Pascal Blos who hit one of Swedish in face.

Second half started with focused Sweden which scored two goals and lead 11:18 but then they started to mistake again in the offence. German team didn’t want to give up and quickly they used it reducing goals difference to four points (14:18, 36. minute). Good change in German goal have second goalkeeper, Joel Birlehm, whose great save enable his teammates to build position attack finished with score of Dominik Claus for 17:20. They also had chance to enlarge their amount of goals, but due to mistakes they weren’t able to score and for time-out asked Schwarzer.

In 34. minute again scored Dominik Claus and there were 18:20. Still goalkeepers were playing good game in German team and Paul Porath saved the 7 meter, which in attack used Moritz Schade. Soon mistake made Linus Andersson, who crossed line and Jerome Muller scored for 20:20. When individual action executed Bjorn Zintel and Germany took lead, time-out requested Ulf Nystrom. Sweden draw again in 23. minute when 7 meter used Emil Mellegard. Last minutes were pretty nervous and until the end of the game it was not clear which team will still have chance for 5th place. With one minute to final time Germany lost the ball but Sweden made mistake and did not score. The same happened on the other side and we could see first extra time.

In extra time Sweden showed some good defense that Germans had a little problems with. Still game was goal for goal without any visible advantage of any team. Both of them seemed to be very nervous and making mistakes. In last two minutes the result for Germany saved Birlehm who again enabled his team to draw. In the end of first extra time suspension got Oskar Hedvall and it made better situation for Germany before second extra time but players of Christian Schwarzer did not have way to use it. Next minutes didn’t make a great difference – it was still nervously which better used Sweden who finally won 31:32.



Jochen Beppler, Germany, coach: I have to say that after such game and fight I feel kinda speechless. First of all congratulations to Sweden for very hard fight but also compliments to our team. Our boys managed to come back, we were losing by seven goals at the moment and they were able not only to draw but also we took lead by two goals. It was great match, all I can say is congratulations to opponent and I am disappointed.

Jerome Muller, Germany, player: As coaches said it was great fight. We had today good defense. I would like congratulate Sweden for good play and nice team. It was second time when we lost in the end. We made tight match but we weren’t lucky. Maybe next time maybe we will manage to win. In last minutes Sweden was too clever and we lost.

Ulf Nystrom, Sweden, coach: It was great match between two great teams. We played very good first half and then Germany came back to the game, they changed their defense system and had brilliant goalkeepers. We played quite well in second half but we didn’t managed to score. I am happy for my team, I am glad that we came back to tournament. Thanks for German team for amazing fight. Today we won but next time we don’t know what can happen. They are good teams with nice players, most of boys here is in the beginning of their great careers.

Mikael Mattson, Sweden, player: It was wonderful game. I am happy that we won. We have many ups and downs but we never give up. We lost two last matches, we didn’t play really well and now finally it was good. As I said we have some ups and downs also during whole tournament but we always came back. I am happy we managed to do it again and we won this game.


GERMANY – SWEDEN 31:32 (28:28, 25:25, 11:16)

Germany: Porath, Birlehm – Blos, Zintel 4, Múller Jonas 3, Múller Jerome 10, Keller, Claus 4, Mertens 1, Struck, Barten, Haider, Kirchenbauer 2, Schade 5, Weisgerber 1, Williams 1.
MVP: Jarome Muller.
7 metres: 1/2.
4×2 min. (Blos, Keller, Struck, Haider).

Sweden: Bjorkman-Myhr, Petersson – Bredolo 4, Hedvall, Sjobrnik 3, Obermuller, Andersson 1, E. Hansson I 3, Nilsson, Martensson, Mattson 4, E. Hansson II 2, Claar 1, Hallback 8, Sandell 4, Mellegaard 2.
MVP: Anton Hallback
7 metres: 3/5.
5×2 min. (Sjobrink – 3×2 min.; Hedvall, Obermuller).

Referees: Ruud Gerates and Paul Geraets (Netherlands).
Supervisor: Viktor Konopliastyi (Ukraine).
Observer: Antonio Goulao (Portugal).