Euro Handball Poland 2014

PLACE 5.-8.: Poland defeated in last minutes

Switzerland is the one who will play for 5. place of European Championship. Although Polish national team was leading in that game by four goals Switzerland managed to reduce distance and win.


Beginning of the game was very tight and it was played goal for goal. However they both seemed to be quite nervous and were making mistakes. Again in Polish team well game started Maciej Majdziński who scored three of four goals for his team. After individual action of Tim Aufdenblatten Switzerland managed to took lead. However hosts didn’t want to give up and after wonderful save of Jakub Skrzyniarz they draw again. What is more great enter of Bartosz Kowalczyk gave Poland goal and lead 7:6. Good disposition of Majdziński was noticed by staff of Switzerland and send one of his player to hold him.

Still well playing in Polish team was Jakub Skrzyniarz. Thanks to that hosts started to play better and better. They had some conceptions and they effectively used them. We could see that game with Hungary gave them some self confidence and they were able to score even if they were playing with lack of one player. The only problem of Rafał Kuptel’s players were suspensions. In 23. minute with goal of Maximilian Rolka Poland got two goals advantage which kept almost till the end of first half, but in last seconds scored Aufdenblatten and first part ended with result 11:12.

After break Switzerland quickly scored two goals but Polish team was not thinking about giving up. They were controlling the game and fighting for victory. After goal of Przemysław Mrozowicz they enlarge lead to four goals (17:13). Michael Suter decided to change goalkeeper and in attack put one more player. Hosts had some problems with line players – before the game they put new one, Bartłomiej Bis for injured Michał Wypych and in 41. minute red card got Tomasz Pietruszko.

In last ten minutes Swiss players were still trying to win that game. Very nervous for polish team started to be in 53. minute when Tim Aufdenblatten scored for 22:23. While later after Poles weren’t able to score coach Kuptel asked for time-out. With almost five minutes to the end mistake in offence made polish team and after counterattack scored Cedrie Tynowski. Hosts started to throw from unprepared positions which was very easy do save for Dennis Grana. After one intervention of him Tim Aufdenblatten gave his team lead 25:24. In last seconds result for Poland saved Jakub Skrzyniarz and everything was in hands of his teammates in attack, who didn’t manage to score and hosts lost 25:24.



Michael Suter, Switzerland, coach: First of all I would like to thank Poland for a good welcome here. This tournament here is really good for us, we are very happy to be here. We knew it will be a hard game. We know that normally we would lost that game. Polish team was stronger than us but the result is plus one for us. We are lucky that we won, everyday is different. We won with Denmark, we weren’t lucky and we lost to Spain, as I said every match is different. We are happy to play in group of the best six teams. It is great success for us.

Tim Aufdenblatten, Switzerland, player: We have prepared well for that game. We knew that it will be tough one and we had a lot of problems in the beginning with strong Polish team. We were fighting and in the end we managed to change that game and we are very happy.

Rafał Kuptel, Poland, coach: I am very angry because we were leading by four goals and if you play at your ground you cannot give it away. We cannot have problems when our opponent changes defense to 4-2 system. We have some problems with our pivots, we changed one player before that game, then Pietruszko got red card. Our line players don’t play like we expected them to and you cannot think about winning at such tournament without pivots. Now we are going to play with Germany, we are going to watch previous games and prepare well.

Przemysław Pietruszko, Poland, player: I think that our opponents had more luck today. We didn’t make it very well with their high defense and it was the reason why we lost.


SWITZERLAND – POLAND 25:24 (11:12)

Switzerland: Grana, Locatelli, Huber – Hochstrasser 2, Rubin, Leitner 2, Gwerder, Vogtli, Alili 3, Tynowski 4, Aufdenblatten 9, Schafroth, Weingartner, Rothlisberger 1, Meister 4, Schild.
MVP: Tim Aufdenblatten.
7 meters: 2/2.
Suspensions: 2×2 min. (Hochstrasser, Meister).

Poland: Szot, Skrzyniarz – Wypych, Kowalczyk 4, Pietruszko, Mrozowicz 4, Janikowski, Kawka, Rolka 8, Majdziński 3, Cichocki, Brukwicki 1, Skibiński 1, Moryto 2, Bekisz 1, Mastalerz.
MVP: Przemysław Mrozowicz.
7 meters: 0/0.
5×2 min. (Pietruszko – 3×2 min.; Rolka, Mrozowicz).

Referees: Tomislav Cindric oraz Robert Gonzurek (Croatia).
Supervisor: Jean Yves Renon (France).
Observer: Pablo Permuy (Spain).