Euro Handball Poland 2014

3rd PLACE: Bronze for Spain!

In the game for third place again met teams of Denmark and Spain. After pretty easy match Hispanos won 27:21 and they are coming back to Spain with bronze medal.


Game started with fast goal of Spain scored by Aleix Gomez but then both teams showed that the range of the game makes them pretty nervous. Second goal in the game scored for Denmark Magnus Saugstrup in 3. minute. Despite ineffectiveness in attack both teams were losing ball and some good interventions in goal showed Emil Nielsen. First lead 3:2 gave Spanish team Francisco Castro, but soon replied Christian Olsen and Alberto Suarez decided to take time-out. After that his players managed to make the biggest advantage in that game, as Jaime Fernandez scored for 5:3 and quickly David Fernandez added one more goal.

Problems of Denmark were growing and in 15 minute suspension got Sebastian Augustinussen. During that time Hispanos scored twice and the result was 8:3 and Morten Henriksen requested time-out. With ten minutes to the end of first half tenth goal for Spain scored Klaudi Odriozola and the difference amounted seven goals. That was not a surprise that Henriksen decided to take another break but it didn’t eliminate mistakes of his team and in 23.minute they had only 4 goals. Until end of first half they only managed to enlarge amount to seven goals and before the break Spain lead 17:7.

Second half Denmark started with two goals and reduced distance a bit. What is more 7 meter saved Emil Nielsen and quickly his teammates tried to score another goal. Unfortunately for them again ineffectiveness occurred. When Magnus Saugstrup scored for 17:10 Alberto Suarez asked for time-out. It was visible that Denmark improved their game and they gradually were reducing difference and when scored Nicolaj Norager it was only five goals left.

Although Denmark was trying really hard to make game closer, Spain was not thinking about taking their hands off of bronze medal. In last minutes they were certainly marching for victory and controlling game. Difference that both teams made in first half was too big for Danish players to reduce. They weren’t able to come back and finally lost …., which means that bronze medal will go to Spain.



Alberto Suarez, Spain, coach: We are very happy because of the win and because of the bronze medals we won. It was easier or us to win, because few our players were less tired and they could play whole game today. We won here six matches and lost just one game with only one goal. That’s make me very proud of my team.

David Fernandez Alonso, Spain, player: I am very happy we won. It wasn’t easy game, but we won, because we were a team and we played like it was the first match at the tournament. It was emotional game, but we managed to win and we finish 3rd.

Morten Henriksen, Denmark, coach: We qualified to the best four from two very difficult groups, winning with teams like Macedonia,  Russia and then after terrific match against Sweden. After that we realised that it’s too hard competition for us, it was too big distance between us and top three teams. Probably with teams from fifth, sixth or seventh place we would have difficulties to win. The main problem for us today was great Spanish defence, we need some more individual skills, some more quality play in attack and our fast breaks are very bad. In defence I am very satisfied both the match today and the match against Hungary.

Magnus Saugstrup, Denmark, player: It’s hard for me to say anything. I am sad because we lose. We have lost to a better team, we played very bad in the first half. After the break we tried to make a come back, but it wasn’t enough.


SPAIN – DENMARK 27:21 (17:7)

Spain: Ledo, Cabada – Ledo, Cabada – S. Gomez 1, Bazan, Dujshebaev 6, Folques, Casado, Castro 1, D. Fernandez 7, A. Gomez 3, Munoz 1, Rio, Odriozola 4, J. Fernandez 1, Pedreira 1, Gutierrez 2.
MVP: David Fernandez Alonso.
7 metres: 3/5.
Suspensions: 1×2 min. (Folques).

Denmark: Nielsen, Gade – Toft Hansen, Olesen 1, Larsen, Krabbe, Aaquist 2, Campbell 2, Rosendahl 1, Hedegaard, Thogersen 1, Holm Haack, Norager 4, Saugstrup 9, Augustinussen 1, Thorsen.
MVP: Magnus Saugstrup.
7 metres: 0/0.
Suspensions: 3×2 min. (Augustinussen 2×2 min.; Saugstrup).

Referees: Georgios Panayides and Marios Andreou (Cyprus)
Supervisor: Sotiris Migas (Greece)
Observer: Antonio Goulao (Portugal).