Euro Handball Poland 2014

GROUP D: Hosts to main round

Poland - Czech Republic (N. Barczyk)

After good second half of the game Poland defeated Czech Republic 27:20. Thanks to this victory hosts got promotion to main round.


Czech Republic started that game very determined as they still had chances to promotion to main round. They just had to win against Poland with five goals. Also the host were still hoping forfinal eight. The game began with goal of Miłosz Bekisz who used great pass from Maciej Majdziński. Czechs got they first goal at sixth minute when after seven meter scored Ondrej Sefranek. Any of teams couldn’t take visible advantage and the game was played goal for goal. With the time it didn’t really change and both teams were taking lead by lead.

What we should mention is fact that both team made some technical mistakes and losing balls. Third seven meter changed to the goal by Borys Brukwicki enable polish team to have one goal advantage, but they couldn’t enjoy it really long as Czech Republic scored four times. Poland wanted to chase rivals too quickly and they were throwing from unprepared positions. Also the goalkeeper, Filip Hejrat was having good time in Czechs goal. With the result 9:11 to Czech firstly scored Przemysław Mrozowicz and then after two counter attacks of Maciej Skibiński hosts were leading 12:11. The result didn’t changed till the end of first half and polish player had small advantage.

After the break polish players started to look a little bit better and we could notice some changes in their play. After goal from penalty shot scored Borys Brukwicki Poland took the highest leading in that game (15:13). Good disposition was presenting wing player, Maciej Skibiński, who got another goal. Polish defense also started to be more aggressive what made some problems to Czechs players who were looking for new chances like taking off goalkeeper and putting one more player in the attack. After two great goals by Vaclav Franc they were able to reduce distance to two goals but Poland again came back on their way and enlarge distance.

Still in polish team good game was playing Skibiński and great in the goal was Jakub Skrzyniarz. This two players supported by Majdziński, Brukwicki and Maximilian Rolka were enabling hosts to enlarge their advantage. With time it was growing and especially in last minutes Czech Republic let them to do their job. However coach Rafał Kuptel still had some notices to his team and with five minutes to the end (with result 26:19) he decided to take time-out. Till the enf of the game nothing much changed and host won



Rafał Kuptel, Poland, coach: For us it was very tough game, also about mentality. However am not really happy about how we were playing. I know my team could play much better, but we haven’t found our rhythm. I am still waiting for us to do it and start play as good as we are able to. I am glad about victory, I want to thank my boys for that and for playing till the end. We got promotion to first eight and to World Championship but we don’t want to stop on that. We would like to fight for highest targets.

Maciej Skibiński, Poland, player: We managed to got promotion to World Championships which were our dream and what we were fighting for. Now we want to win as much as possible. We will see now many strength and skills we have. We played much better than in previous games. We were presenting hard defense and it gave us fast breaks, after what we were having some easy goals.

Libor Hrabal, Czech Republic, coach: We had our chance, when we were leading by three goals but unfortunately Poland managed to catch us and took the lead. We tried to change our defense system. We scored twenty goals and that is not enough to win the game.

Ondrej Safranek, Czech Republic, player: I agree with my coach. We had few chances to win that game but we made many mistakes. We didn’t have efficiency in attack and in second half our defense was very bad.



Poland: Szot, Skrzyniarz – Wypych, Kowalczyk 3, Pietruszko 1, Mrozowicz 1, Janikowski 1, Kawka, Rolka 4, Majdziński 3, Cichocki, Brukwicki 5, Skibiński 7, Moryto, Bekisz 2 and Mastalerz.
MVP: Maciej Skibiński
7 metres: 5/5.
6×2 min. (Wypych 2×2 min.; Kowalczyk, Majdziński, Mrozowicz oraz Kawka).

Czech Republic: Herajt, Hrdlicka, Psenica – Biciste 1, Brezina, Dedecek 2, Dolejsi 1, Doricak, Franc 6, Kasparek 1, Kucera 1, Kyvala 1, Mubenzem 4, Safranek 2, Stohanzl and Zeman 1.
MVP: Filip Herajt.
7 meters: 3/3.
Suspensions: 5×2 min. (Dedecek, Kyvala, Zeman, Brezina oraz Stohanzl).

Referees: Alexey Kiyashko and Dmitriy Kiselev (Russia)
Supervisor: Richard Johansson (Sweden)
Observer: Algis Mikucionis (Lithuania)


1 Niemcy GERMANY 3 3 0 0 108:70 +38 6
Polska POLAND 3 2 0 1 75:75 0 4
blr Belarus 3 1 0 2 77:96 -19 2
4 Czechy Czech Republic 3 0 0 3 72:91 -19 0