Euro Handball Poland 2014

GROUP A: Deserved victory of Switzerland

Switzerland - Serbia (J. Gucma)

Switzerland defeated Iceland 24:22 (14:9) and has promoted to the Main Round of the EHF Men’s 18 European Championship 2014 in Poland as a second team from Group A.


The last game in AWFiS Gdańsk arena between Switzerland and Iceland was supposed to show which team gets promotion to final eight of tournament. Before the game started in better situation were players from Iceland who had one point more than their opponents. Too many confidence happened to be lost boys of Einar Gudmundsson.

From the very beginning Icelanders had many problems with forcing well playing defence of opponents. Not really good performance had Egil Magnusson and on the wing invisible was Odinn Rikhardsson. Due to that first goal scored for Iceland we saw after six minutes of the game, when they reduced the distance to 1:4.

Team of Michael Suter since first minutes of the game was extremely focused and very effective. From the left wing infallible was Florian Leitner and also great disposition was presenting goalkeeper Dennis Grana. Soon Switzerland was leading by five goals and that distance stayed till the end of first half (14:9).

In second half Iceland immediately started to reduce the result. In 34th minute Leonhard Thorgeir Hardarson manage to do it and there was only two goals left (12:14). Despite their trying they weren’t able to win that game. Switzerland in 43th minute started to lead 18:13 and they kept it till the end of the game.



Michael Suter, Switzerland, coach: It was the most important game for this generation. It was all or nothing. Congratulations to my team how they did the game in the first half. It was the perfect half of this generation. This moment we are really strong. At the end it was hard game, but we earned a qualification for the World Championship 2015.

Dennis Grana, Switzerland, player: It was a very important game. We had to give our best to win it and fight for every ball. That’s what we did in the first half. After half time we had few problems, but we managed to win. We are in the Main Round, it’s amazing feeling to be still in this tournament.

Einar Gudmundsson, Iceland, coach: It’s a huge dissapointment for us. Our goal was to be in top eight. Switzerland managed to control the tempo of the game, they slowed the tempo down and didn’t manage to play our fast-breaks. We scored only one goal from counter attack and that is why we lost the game.

Omar Magnusson, Iceland, player: It’s difficult to say anything now. We have way to many mistakes and suspensions. We allowed Switzerland tohold the game, they had a control. It’s just big dissapointment.



Switzerland: Grana, Locatelli, Huber – Hochstrasser 1, Rubin 2, Leitner 5, Gwerder, Vogtli, Alili 4, Tynowski 3, Aufdenblatten 4, Schafroth, Weingartner, Rothlisberger 4 and Schild.
MVP: Dennis Grana.
7 metres:
3×2 min. (Rothlisberger 2×2 min.; Meister).

Iceland: Gudjonsson, Baldvinsson – Runarsson, Kristjansson, Hl. Bjarnason, A.F. Arnarsson 1, S. Magnusson 4, Styrmisson, D. Arnarsson 2, Hardarson 2, E. Magnusson 4, Benediktsson 3, He. Bjarnason, O. Magnusson 5, Rikhardsson 1 and Palsson.
MVP: Omar Magnusson.
7 metres:
7×2 min. (E. Magnusson 2×2 min.; Benediktsson, D. Arnarsson, A. F. Arnarsson, Rikhardsson and Hl. Bjarnasson).

Referee: Aleksandar Jovic and Nedim Arnautovis (Bosna and Herzegovina).
Supervisor: Antonio Goulao (Portugal).
Observer: Jean Yves Renon (France).


Szwecja SWEDEN 3 2 1 0 81:70 +11 5
sui SWITZERLAND 3 1 1 1 70:72 -2 3
isl Iceland 3 1 1 1 75:72 +3 3
srb Serbia 3 0 1 2 66:78 -12 0