Euro Handball Poland 2014

GROUP D: Certain promotion of Germany


After another great performance Germany won against Belarus 43:23. That gave them the highest victory and sure promotion to main round.


Certain of promotion Germany started that game very focused. However Belarus still had promotion in their own hands – if they won and Czech Republic defeated Poland they had opportunity to play in main round. Belarus showed from the first minutes that they are not going to give up – after Germany lost the ball they managed to open result with goal scored by Andrei Yurynok. The good time for them didn’t take long as Dominik Claus make counter attack and his team was leading 5:3. While after that Mikalai Zhuk asked for time-out for his team.

Notices from coach didn’t manage to change play of the team. Belarus was not even able to use play in advantage when the best player of Germany, Dominik Claus, got two minute suspension. During that time Belarus even lost four goals (three throws of well playing today Lars Weisgerber­) and from 12:6 was 15:7. It looked like Germany was having everything under control. When they started to play a bit worse quickly react Christian Schwarzer who asked for time-out. Belarus had also some problems with scoring to German goalkeeper Paul Porath who was playing another good game for his national team. First part of the game ended with result 23:12 and it was almost sure that Germany will win their third game.

Second part began with three goals of Germany, who totally dominated the game. Belarus lost their belief in promotion and was not able to improve game. On the other hand German team stayed focus and was still playing their handball. Also good disposition was presenting second goalkeeper, Joel Birhelm. Wonderful performance in German team had again Claus, who in 43th minute scored wonderful goal from 9 meters. Schwarzer’s players were keeping their way and playing at very high level even if they could have some rest.

As Germany was leading highly players who didn’t have chance to play so far got their opportunity. Even that didn’t change the play. With five minutes to the end 41st goal to his team scored Jerome Muller and the distance between both team was twenty goals. During last minutes nothing changed and the game finished with 43:23.



Jochen Beppler, Germany, coach: First of all we are very happy about our play in main round. Now we know that every single game is really important. This victory made us happy, two points and full points in next round. In the beginning our back players and pivot had some problems with cooperation but we manage to fix it and then it was good. Also great performance had our goalkeepers and we are very happy.

Lars Weisgerber, Germany, player: I must say that I am very happy about our result. We have played good game and right now we concentrate on our next match against Hungary.

Mikalai Zhuk, Belarus, coach: German team played very good match. We knew them very well, we also prepared well but didn’t manage to win. We didn’t score four counter attacks and also our goalkeepers didn’t help very much. In Germany every part of their game was doing well and they were just enlarging distance.

Aliaksandr Padshyvalau, Belarus, player: I am disappointed with our game. German team played very well and they were better. Everything was on them and we want to congratulate and wish good luck in next round.


GERMANY – BELARUS 43:23 (23:12)

Germany: Porath, Birlehm – Blos 2, Zintel 2, Múller Jonas 2, Múller Jerome 3, Keller 3, Claus 9, Mertens 3, Struck 4, Barten 1, Haider, Kirchenbauer 1, Schade 5, Weisgerber 8, Williams.
MVP: Lars Weisgerber.
7 metres: 0/1.
5×2 min. (Zintel, Muller Jerom, Claus, Barten, Haider).

Belarus: Ukhau, Yaromenka, Sadaunichy – Baklazhets 1, Karalek 1, Karvatski 5, Kulak, Kulesh 3, Lashchakou, Padshyvalau 8, Pashkou, Sasulin 1, Satsiuk 2, Sonchyk, Yermashevich, Yurynok 2.
MVP: Artur Karvatski.
7 meters: 2/4.
Suspensions: 4×2 min. (Karvatski, Karalek, Yurynok, Padshyvalau).

Referees: Georgios Panayides and Marios Andreou (Cyprus).
Supervisor: Valerijs Jaskins (Latvia).
Observer: Pablo Permuy (Spain).


1 Niemcy GERMANY 3 3 0 0 108:70 +38 6
Polska POLAND 3 2 0 1 75:75 0 4
blr Belarus 3 1 0 2 77:96 -19 2
4 Czechy Czech Republic 3 0 0 3 72:91 -19 0