Euro Handball Poland 2014

GROUP A: Unbeatable Sweden


After good match Swedish players won against Serbia. It was their second victory and they has promotion to the main round.

Ulf Nystrom’s team started with great and aggressive defence which caused problems to Serbian. Big contribution to score had goalkeeper, Erik Pettersson. Serbian did too many mistakes and they were ineffectual. It decided that Sweds had situation under control (8:2; 19 min.). Score may be highest but Dejan Milosavljev had stopped rival.

By the end of the first half Serbian wake up and started to score. They improved defence what forced their opponent to make mistakes (9:5; 27 min). “Three Crowns’ were better and increase tempo so first half ended with their lead by three goals.

Beginning of the sexond half was similar than first. Serbian had problems with attack. In 39th minute their scored first time after the break. In next action after throw on head of Swedish goalkeeper, Darko Stevanovic get red card.

After good saves by Petterson, Sweden was certain of victory (23:12; 48 min.). Main player in attack was Anton Hallback, who scored many times. The advantage between both teams linger all time and finally Sweden national team had seven goals more than Serbian and get promoted to the main round.



Ulf Nystrom, Sweden, coach: We played very good game and it was difficult. We win and we go throw the next round. I’m happy because Serbia is good team. Especially in first half they played good in defence.

Anton Hallback, Sweden, player: It was a good match. We were very focused on the beginning and it was important that we had three-four goals more. It was a good start for us. Than we have deep end of the match.

Vladica Spasojevic, Serbia, coach: We played very bad. Sweden is very good team, better than us. I hope so that we will play better with Russia and Macedonia.

Dino Ajanovic, Serbia, player: Our defence was good but attack was awful. I hope that we win next matches and qualify to World Championship.

SWE - SRB (2)

SWEDEN – SERBIA 28:21 (12:9)

Szwecja: Bjorkman-Myhr, Pettersson – Dahlin, Bredolo 5, Hedvall, Sjorbrink 1, Obermuller, Andersson 2, Hansson I 3, Nilsson 5, Martensson, Mattson, Hansson II 2, Claar, Hallback 9, Sandell 1. MVP: Anton Hallback. 7 meters: 6/6. Suspensions: 3×2 min. (Hedvall, Nilsson, Mattson).

Serbia: Milosavljev, Stonajlovic – Stevanovic 2, Kurtes, Rakocija 2, Kolakovic, Potpara 3, Markovic, Jovanovic 6, Ajanovic 4, Banduka, Radovanovic, Mitric U. 3, Ranisavljevic, Stojanovic 1, Mitric S. MVP:  Dino Ajanovic. 7 meters: 4/7. Suspensions: 4×2 min. (Potpara, Ajanovic, Radovanovic, Stojanovic).

Referees: Tomislav Cindric and Robert Gonzurek (Croatia). Supervisor: Panos Antoniou (Latvia). Observer: Sotiris Migas (Greece).


Szwecja SWEDEN 3 2 1 0 81:70 +11 5
sui SWITZERLAND 3 1 1 1 70:72 -2 3
isl Iceland 3 1 1 1 75:72 +3 3
srb Serbia 3 0 1 2 66:78 -12 0