Euro Handball Poland 2014

GROUP C: Third group game for Hungary


Hungarian national team won their third match in the group phase and got certain promotion to main round. After another easy game they defeat Romania and looks like they may be one of favourites in next phase.


Romanian players were going to finally play their handball and show that they are good team. After two defeats they were having zero points but game against Hungary was not looking like an easy game. It began with leading of Hungary 2:0 after goals scored by Daniel Fuzi and David Fekete. Quickly replied Robert Gal from Romania and after mistake of opponents scored Alexandru Laslo giving his team draw. That was the last touch for them as another great game started Fekete. Thanks to his goals Hungary was leading in 8th minute 3:6 and gradually enlarging distance. In 14th minute suspension got Adam Juhasz and it was great chance for Romania to have breakthrough.

With 20 minutes of first half Hungarian team started to lose the ball what used Alexandru Laslo with goal after counter attack. The coach of Hungary asked for time-out to put his team together. That brought the result and soon they found their rhythm from previous games. In 26th minute the distance was even eight goals when fast break used Adam Juhasz. Romania made no difference and was not able to change the result of the game. First half ended with leading of Hungary 13:21.

In second part Hungary was not thinking about having some rest. Even if they had certain promotion they were keep going their way and playing their handball. At one moment they even enlarge their advantage to fourteen goals and coach Janos Gyurka decided to change his players a bit and save their forces for next games. He send to the playground players from the bench but still Romania couldn’t find the way to break them.

Last minutes weren’t really interesting and didn’t bring spectacular game of any team. Romania seemed to be too weak mentally to stand on their feet. Hungary certainly won their third game in group phase. Now they will play with all points on the second round where they seem to be favorites.



Octavian Hartoaga, Romania, coach: Today we played a bit better than in previous games. I hope that now we will focus on next phase. We have problems in our defense, we played better and I think we have chance to play well and fight for twelve.

Leonard Stefan, Romania, player: We did much better in this game than in other games with France and Croatia but unfortunately we lost. We are looking forward to playing next matches and we need to win them and to go to twelve. We want to win some games and play better.

Janos Gyurka, Hungary, coach: We could see that in the beginning that we played against well prepared Romania. We wanted to fight a lot and we did it. For us defense is extremely important and it determines our attack. We are very happy that we can enter round as first with all points and since now we are focused on that matches that we have to play in next round. We gave today some opportunity to play to boys who so far haven’t have chance to play and we saw that they are in good shape. We will need all of our players in main round.

David Fekete, Hungary, player: I think this type of matches are the hardest. We won group and expected this game. But our team is really good, with good mentality and we won because of that.


ROMANIA– HUNGARY 30:43 (13:21)

Romania: Marusca, Apostu, Freiwald – Broasca, Cuciureanu, Dumitru, Gal 4, Laslo 4, C. Manescu 7, A. Manescu 3, Moldovan, Pop 3, Simo, Stefan 6, Thalmaier 1, Uruianu 2.
MVP: Leonard Stefan
7 metres: 0/1.
8×2 min. (Thalmaier – 3×2 min.; Gal, Stefan, Simo, C. Manescu, Cuciureanu).

Hungary: Pasztor, Rozsavolgyi – Bartok 4, Deak, Fekete 8, Fuzi 3, Gabor, Gyori 1, Juhasz 4, Ligetvari 6, Mikita 2, Nemes 4, Schmid 3, Szilagyi 2, Urban 4, Varju 2.
MVP: David Fekete
7 meters: 4/5.
Suspensions: 4×2 min. (Juhasz, Schmid, Nemes, Ligetvari).

Referees: Stephen Martens and Angelo Verdonck (Belgium).
Supervisor: Richard Johansson (Sweden).
Observer: Algis Mikucionis (Lituania).


3 3 0 0 113:79 +34 6
2 Francja FRANCE 3 2 0 1 110:83 +27 4
3 Chorwacja Croatia 3 1 0 2 89:103 -14 2
4 Rumunia Romania 3 0 0 3 80:127 -47 0