Euro Handball Poland 2014

GROUP B: Feisty Danes rush into the Main Round

 Denmark - Russia (J. Gucma)

Danish national team defeated FYR Macedonia 38:20 (17:6) and in a great style promoted to the Main Round of EHF Men’s 18 European Championship 2014 in Poland.


The defeat of the Russian national team in the match played just before the game Denmark vs. FYR Macedonia has put young Danes in a privileged position. To promote to the top eight of the EHF Men’s 18 European Championship coach Morten Henriksen’s team needed just a draw. Although carried by doping of their families, Scandinavians have outclassed their peeks from FYR Macedonia just before the half time.

From the very beginning Danes showed, that in a rivalry aganist the Balkan team they are interested only in victory. They played very well in defence, showing aggressive and efficient attitude. Thanks to few saves from Emil Nielsen combined with high efficiency in attack, Scandinavians took a 5:0 lead after 6 minutes.

As the game had gone by, Danes were systematically increasing their lead. After 13 minutes of play it was 8:2, thanks to brilliant attitude from line player Magnus Saugstrup. With help from Magnus Campbell and Lasse Rosendahl, Danes managed to take an eleven-goal lead at the half time (17:6).

In the duel against feisty Scandinavians FYR Macedonian team had no chance. Very weak form of FYR Macedonia’s leader Filip Taleski had big infuleance on the attitude of the whole team. After the break Danes beat the heck out of rivals with fast breaks, winning 38:20.



Morten Henriksen, Denmark, coach: We were a little nervous about FYR Macedonian team, but today we showed that we are better team than them. I think my boys played very well today, concentrated game just like yesterday, both inf defence and attack.

Magnus Saugstrup, Denmark, player: It was a great game. We played really well in defence, what helped us to win. I think that defence and high efficiency were the main factors we won today.

Nikola Matlieski, FYR Macedonia, coach: Congratulations to Denmark, they deserved to win this game. We played very bad, after bad start we didn’t have any motivation. Now we have to think about our attitude. I hope in next games we will play a lot better and we will qualify for the World Championship 2015.

Leon Ichokjaev, FYR Macedonia, player: Congratulations to Denmark. We played extremely bad, from the very beginning we were making many simple mistakes. I hope that in the next round everything will be better for us.



Denmark: Nielsen, Gade – Toft Hansen 4, Olesen 4, Larsen 2, Krabbe 3, Aaquist 2, Campbell 2, Rosendahl 4, Hedegaard 1, Thogersen 2, Holm Haack 1, Norager 2, Saugstrup 7, Augustinussen 1 and Thorsen 3.
MVP: Magnus Saugstrup.
7 metres: 
3×2 min. (Toft Hansen, Campbell and Larsen).

FYR Macedonia: Danilovski, Blazhevski, Kizkij – Boshkovski 3, Velkovski 1, Nelovski 1, Popovski, Onchev 2, Stavridis 2, Markudov, Taleski 1, Davitovski 7, Ichokjaev, Krstanovski, Krstevski 1 and Palevski 2.
MVP: Kristijan Davitkovski.
7 metres: 
7×2 min. (Davitkovski, Taleski and Markudov – 2×2 min.; Krstevski).

Referee: Ruud Geraets oraz Paul Geraets (Netherlands).
Supervisor: Antonio Goulao (Portugal).
Observer: Jean Yves Renon (France).


Hiszpania SPAIN 3 3 0 0 85:63 +20 6
Dania DENMARK 3 2 0 1 101:68 +33 4
Rosja Russia 3 1 0 2 74:93 -19 2
mkd FYR Macedonia 3 0 0 3 66:100 -34 0