Euro Handball Poland 2014

FINAL: France are new European Champion U18


After very emotional game France won in the final against Hungary 33:30 and they are new European Champion U18!


Both teams met earlier in group phase and that game ended with great victory of Hungary by ten goals. Everybody knew that final will be completely different game. Although game began Hungary first goal scored Aymeric Minne, as great start had French defense. However quickly after two goals by Matyas Gyori Hungarian team lead 2:1. In 7. minute they enlarge it to 3:5 after goal from wing scored by Martin Varju. However France was not about losing and with two fast breaks finished with goals of Yanis Lenne and Ludovic Fabregas draw 5:5.

It is true to say that first half was truly good with fast actions and emotional changes. From time to time one team was leading by two goals and quickly other one was replying with great goals like individual counterattack of Yanis Lenne for 8:8. After that coach of Hungary, Janos Gyurka asked for time-out. That also didn’t change the image of the game and both teams were not able to make visible advantage. With almost four minutes to the end of first half France leas 15:14 and had great opportunity to enlarge it as suspension got key player in Hungary, Matyas Gyori. Instead of make distance bigger they lost two goals and hat to think how to keep draw till the end of first half. With seconds to break scored David Fekete and Hungary leas 16:18.

Second half France started with two fast goals. Good game had both goalkeepers: Imre Pasztor and Julien Meyer. Game was still goal for goal and any of teams in first minutes after break was able to make visible advantage. Soon great change in Hungarian goal gave Gergely Rozsavolgyi, who enabled his team to lead by two goals with quarter to the end of the game. However that was not the last word in that match and soon France not only draw but also managed to took lead, thanks to goal of Benoit Kounkoud. Worried Janos Gyurka asked for another time-out.

In 50. minute France had great chance to lead by two goals but Gergely Rozsavolgyi happened to be better one in individual situation with Etienne Mocquais. What didn’t do wing player finished pivot and after throw of Sacha Bouchillou result was 29:27. Last minutes were really nervous and it was hard to predict which team will gain golden medal. Both teams were under the pressure and it was visible as they were making mistakes like crossing line or missing goal. In last five minutes suspension got Patrik Ligetvari which put in a little bit better position France. However they could only enjoy playing in advantage for one minute, because two minute punishment got also Ludovic Fabregas. When in 58. minute scored Aymeric Minne for 31:28 and then Yanis Lenne we were pretty sure that the brand new European Champion U18 is France!



Eric Quintin, France, coach: I think that it is not a surprise that I am very happy for my players and the team. They are truly fantastic, we had some bad moments but each time we were having new achievement. The spirit here is wonderful, spirit of handball. I am also very happy for handball it was great game of two the best teams on that tournament. If you win with that opponent it is really great thing.

Lucas Ferrandier, France, player: I would like to congratulate to Hungarian team for great handball. Secondly it is beautiful day for my team and for whole French handball. I also think about our two players who took preparations with us and they are not here. About our winning I don’t know what to say, I don’t have words, it is truly incredible.

Janos Gyurka, Hungary, coach: First of all congratulate to France, they fought very well in that match. We played a little bit with lack of attention in the beginning of the match, probably due to the fact that our players wanted too much. We made too many technical mistakes and in the final and you cannot win with that kind of mistakes. We should have played a bit more like persisted but we didn’t. I do believe that morally we are a winner. I think we should go on this way in the future. Once again congratulations to French team. 

Gergely Rozsavolgyi, Hungary, player: It is very difficult to say anything at the moment. First of all I want to congratulate France. I am happy and sad at the same time, but I do believe it is great result for us and we should be happy about it.


FRANCE – HUNGARY 33:30 (16:18)

France: Bonneau, Meyer – Lenne 4, Mocquais 2, Billant, Ferrandier 2, Garain 1, Minne 8, Kounkoud 2, Lagarde 2, Nozeran 2, Bouchillou 1, Zahm, Fabregas 5, Mem 1, Richardson 3.
MVP: Aymeric Minne.
7 metres: 2/2.
Suspensions: 3×2 min. (Fabregas, Garain, Mem).

Hungary: Rozsavolgyi, Pasztor – Varju 1, Mikita, Urban, Fekete 1, Juhasz 1, Deak, Fuzi 5, Schmid 1, Nemes 3, Bartok 5, Szilagyi, Gabor, Ligetvari 5, Gyori 8.
MVP: Gergely Rozsavolgyi.
7 metres: 0/3.
Suspensions: 2×2 min. (Ligetvari, Gyori).

Referees: Tomislav Cindric and Robert Gonzurek (Croatia)
Supervisor: Panos Antoniou (Cyprus)
Observer: Miroslaw Baum (Poland).