Euro Handball Poland 2014

7th PLACE: Another victory of Germany


German national team was again too strong for Poland. Hosts lost their second game against Germany and they took 8. place on tournament.


In the 7. place game met two well known teams: the host, Poland and Germany, who also met before in group phase. That game won Germany 31:22 and made first great step in tournament. Also they started game today much better – firstly scored Kevin Struck and then great save showed Paul Porath. Poland quickly replied with throw by Przemysław Mrozowicz and also nice intervention in polish goal gad Jakub Skrzyniarz. Hosts had chance to lead but they lost ball and then made mistake in defense and Germany scored for 1:2. After other counterattacks of Bjorn Zintel and Lars Weisgerber it was 1:5 and in 5. minute coach Rafał Kuptel asked for time-out.

That didn’t really made a great difference and Polish team still was making some mistakes and had problems in offence. In 14. minute they had great opportunity for contact goal but missed Tomasz Pietruszko. Instead of that scored Zintel and it was 5:8 again. Despite German team had everything under control and still lead by three goals in 21. minute Christian Schwarzer asked for time-out. Soon two players of Polish team, Maciej Majdziński and Bartłomiej Bis got suspensions and for one minute Germany was playing with advantage of two players. They didn’t used it pretty well and managed to score only once. In last minutes nothing really changed and first half ended with lead of Germans 12:14.

In second half Poles quickly started to reduce distance. Firstly scored Borys Brukwicki and then another goal added Maximilian Rolka. Soon Polish defense blocked throw of Germans and they were in great situation to draw, but again they were mistaken. Germany managed to find their rhythm again and after goal of Jerome Muller they lead 14:18. What is more they were even able to score playing with one player less, as in 43. minute when suspension got Kevin Struck. Meanwhile Poland had another problem as again red card got pivot, Tomasz Pietruszko.

With ten minutes to the end of the game Poland still tried to change the image of the match and result. Coach Kuptel asked for time-out to give his players some notices. After 7 meters scored by Borys Brukwicki and then foul in offence of Zintel Poles had chance to make their plan, but they again made individual mistakes. In 55. minute another great intervention in Polish goal had Jakub Skrzyniarz but his teammates in attack couldn’t use it properly. Finally 7. place game won Germany 23:26 and the host have to enjoy 8. position.



Jochen Beppler, Germany, coach: First of all I want admit that it was tough game with strong Polish team. We were in difficult situation as we didn’t reach finals. We almost play in semi-final but we lost with France in last seconds. Then we had close game with two extra times with Sweden. Today we lead by four-five goals but Poland never gave up we are glad we were able to keep lead and win. I would like to thank Poland for being great host and for their wonderful hospitality here.

Bjorn Zintel, Germany, player: First of all it was very hard game but we won. As Jochen said we got five goals more and Poland came close, which was hard. We are happy to win and that we took 7. place. Still it is good finish to that competition.

Rafał Kuptel, Poland, coach: We lost another game, it is a great pity. We really cared about finishing that tournament with victory to come back home in better mood. We were able to win but we weren’t consequent enough. With the team like Germany you cannot make so many mistakes as we did. We know we have a lot of work to do. Next year we have World Championship and we want to analyze everything and improve out game.

Jakub Skrzyniarz, Poland, player: In my opinion we started too nervous. Germany took the lead, we tried to chase result, we came to two goals difference but then we weren’t able to use it. In defense we played well but in attack we wanted to score too fast. Due to that Germans counterattacked. We were fighting but unfortunately we didn’t manage to win.


GERMANY – POLAND 26:23 (14:12)

Poland: Szot, Skrzyniarz – Bis, Kowalczyk 3, Pietruszko, Mrozowicz 1, Janikowski, Kawka 2, Rolka 5, Majdziński 4, Cichocki, Brukwicki 4, Skibiński 1, Moryto 1, Bekisz 2, Mastalerz.
MVP: Jakub Skrzyniarz.
7 meters: 2/2.
4×2 min. (Pietruszko, Mrozowicz, Majdziński, Bis).

Germany: Porath, Birlehm – Zintel 8, Múller Jonas, Múller Jerome 7, Keller 3, Claus, Mertens 2, Struck 1, Barten, Haider, Kirchenbauer 1, Schade 3, Weisgerber 1, Williams.
MVP: Bjorn Zintel.
7 meters: 3/4.
Suspensions: 6×2 min. (Muller Jerome, Mertens – 2×2 min.; Struck, Schade).

Referees: Lars Jorum and Kim-Rune Stenhaugmo (Norway).
Supervisor: Viktor Konopliastyi (Ukraina).
Observer: Pablo Permuy (Spain).