Euro Handball Poland 2014

5th PLACE: Sweden with 5. position


In the game for 5. place better team happened to be Sweden. After good play in second half they defeat Switzerland by three goals 25:28.


In first minutes good intervention showed in Swedish goal Andreas Bjorkman-Myhr and thanks to that result opened Anton Hallback. Minute later they enlarge lead to two goals with possibility to more as Switzerland players had problems with defeating well playing goalkeeper. Also defense of Scandinavians was really good. First goal Swiss scored in 7. minute when scored Lucas Meister and soon after counterattack one more add Florian Leitner. Soon another fast break used Albin Alili and was 4:5 but that was not the last word of Switzerland. They had chance to draw but again on the right place was goalkeeper of their opponents.

In 18. minute Sweden made mistake in offence and finally Lenny Rubin gave his team draw. Immediately time-out requested Ulf Nystrom, coach of Sweden. It gave result and soon after 7 meter used by Anton Hallback. Sweden came back to lead by two goals. With four minutes to the end of first half good save presented Dennis Grana and his team quickly made counterattack which finisted with another 7 meter for them. However they didn’t manage to draw as Andreas Bjorkman-Myhr happened to be better in that duel. In last thirty seconds Sweden made mistake but Switzerland didn’t score and first half ended with result 11:12.

Second half began with two fast goals of Sweden. Festival in goal was still playing Bjorkman-Myhr. Again Switzerland had problems with scoring and first goal they got was in 35. minute after 7 meter used by Albin Alili and then fast break used Cedrie Tynowski. However Swedish team was not going to give up and soon they took the highest lead in that game (13:19, 41. minute) and soon coach of Switzerland, Michael Suter asked for time-out. He was not able to put his team together and soon Sweden scored their 20 goal.

In last quarter Switzerland was trying to make game closer but Sweden was certainly marching for 5. place. Players of Michael Suter weren’t able to cross four goals distance and make visible contact with opponents. They did it in 59. minute and it was too late for positive result. Sweden was the better team and they were controlling result. Finally Three Crowns won that game 28:25 and Switzerland had to deal with 6. place.



Ulf Nystrom, Sweden, coach: First of all thank for Switzerland for good game. They played very well and that game was really nice. I think we played well in defense but most of all I am glad that we finished tournament in positive way. We ended with two victories and I am quite happy about it. We defeated Germany yesterday and Switzerland today and I am really glad.

Lukas Sandell, Sweden, player: It was great game we played great end of tournament. We are also happy that we will play in World Championships. It is really nice that we finished competition with two victories.

Michael Suter, Switzerland, coach:I can say the same as Swedish coach. Sweden is good team, we lost against them two times. For now they are better than us. We had hard game yesterday, like the from Hitchcock movie. It is great tournament for us but also very hard. We tried to win, it was good game but we lost.

Samuel Rothlisberger, Switzerland, player: I think it was very interesting game for everybody here. Sweden won but we played good tournament and we showed our talents. I want also to congratulate Swedish team.


SWITZERLAND – SWEDEN 28:25 (12:11)

Switzerland: Grana, Locatelli, Huber – Hochstrasser 1, Rubin 1, Leitner 3, Gwerder, Vogtli, Alili 4, Tynowski 4, Aufdenblatten 4, Schafroth, Weingartner 1, Rothlisberger 4, Meister 3, Schild.
MVP: Samuel Rothlisberger.
7 meters: 2/2.
2×2 min. (Weingartner, Rothlisberger).

Sweden: Bjorkman-Myhr 1, Petersson – Bredolo 1, Hedvall, Sjobrnik 4, Obermuller, Andersson, E. Hansson I 1, Martensson5, Mattson 3, E. Hansson II 4, Claar 1, Hallback 5, Sandell 3, Mellegaard.
MVP: Lukas Sandell.
7 meters: 2/5.
Suspensions: 5×2 min. (Martensson, E. Hansson II – 2×2 min.; Obermuller).

Referees: Alexey Kiyashko and Dmitriy Kiselev (Russia)
Supervisor: Miroslaw Baum (Poland)
Observer: Sotiris Migas (Greece)