Euro Handball Poland 2014

11th PLACE.: Happy end for Belarus


After good and tough game Belarus has won against Russia and took 11th place at Men’s EHF Euro.


Beginning of the game was fast and tough game. Russians were better and they hasn’t got problems with defence of Belarus. Beside of that they weren’t able to make advantage because of worst throws (6:6; 9 min.). Belarusians played with pivot often what let them scored two times. After that Pavel Elistratov get red card fot hit the rival.

Aleksandr Alekseev’s team started play better and more effective in attack. Due to they had three goals more (11:14; 22 min.). Than Artsiom Kulak started play well. He took responsibility for game in attack and scored five times (17:14; 28 min.). Pavel Yaromenka added effective saves and Belarus team didn’t lose advantage.

Second half started with two fast goals of Russia. That was tough game and neither of teams couldn’t earn a significant advantage (20:20; 26 min.). With 15. minutes to the end Russia made many msitakes and Belarus lead 27:25. Mikalai Zhuk’s team were more motivated and they stemmed rival. It gave them victory because advantage didn’t change in last minutes.



Mikalai Zhuk, Belarus, coach: Finally my players has known my tips and I’m glad.

Mikita Yermashevich, Belarus, player: We wanted to win and I’m happy with finally result.

Alexey Solovyev, Russia, coach: Players from Belarus were more focused on victory in this match. It was reason of result.

Stanislav Alintsinovich, Russia, player: We lost but with honour.

BLR - RUS (2)

BELARUS – RUSSIA 36:31 (17:15)

Belarus: Ukhau, Yaromenka – Karvatski 1, Sasulin 2, Satsiuk, Kulak 6, Yermashevich 6, Sonchyk 3, Baklazhets, Karalek 8, Yurynok, Lashchakou, Padshyvalau 9, Stsiapanau 1, Kulesh, Leukovich.
MVP: Mikita Yermashevich.
7 metres: 3/3.
Suspensions: 3×2 min. (– 2×2 min.;).

Russia: Vereshchagin, Sergeev – Tropin, Alintsinovich 1, Bolotin 6, Chernichenko 4, Santalov 1, Borzykin, Stepanov 1, Elistratov 2, Kornev 1, Dashko 11, Karibov 2, Pasenov 2, Sharkov.
MVP: Stanislav Alintsinovich.
7 metres: 1/1.
Suspensions: 2×2 min. (Chernichenko, Dashko).